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Durnibar Saha and Mohor Sen’s photos win hearts

Durnibar Saha got married to Oindrila Sen, aka Mohor, on March 9, 2023

Durnibar Saha and Mohor Sen’s photos win hearts
Mohor Sen and Durnibar Saha

Last Updated: 08.13 PM, Mar 09, 2024


Singer Durnibar Saha got married to Oindrila Sen, aka Mohor, on March 9, 2023. That was Durnibar’s second marriage. His previous marriage was with Minakshi Mukherjee. When the news about Durnibar and Mohor came out, they were subject to trolls. Things got so bad that the couple barely shared their wedding photos. Neither did they share their honeymoon photos. Mohor once said in an interview that they could give a fitting reply if they wanted, but they did not want to increase controversy for the sake of their and their families’ mental peace.

However, Durnibar shared the photo on their first anniversary on Saturday and also shared a song that was made on the occasion of the wedding. The song Sohag was written by Ritam Sen and composed by Sraban Bhattacharya. Durnibar sang the song. It contains his gaaye-holud, sat-pak, reception arrangements, and other moments' photos and videos.

Durnibar shared the song on YouTube and posted some glimpses on Instagram. He wrote, “We met when we were drifting amidst oblivion. We stumbled upon each other and destiny wrote our story. We were maligned, humiliated by opinionated strangers and two faced acquaintances but our dear ones showed us love and cuddled us with care. We will go forward with our head held high. On our anniversary we present you our song “SOHAG” with the glimpses of our wedding.”

Minakshi and Durnibar were legally married in 2017. They started living together and had a ritual wedding in February 2021. But problems happened within a month and they realized they could not live with each other. They were legally separated in December 2021. Then Durnibar and Mohor started their life, which irked the moral police netizens in social media.

Mohor gave birth to a boy recently. Both of them wanted to have kids, and hence they did not waste time. Netizens are currently waiting eagerly to see the kid's photo.

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