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Dwayne Johnson confirms he is a part of the new Fast and Furious film: Hobbs is back!

The actor also revealed how he and co-star Vin Diesel buried the hatchet for the sake of their beloved franchise

Dwayne Johnson confirms he is a part of the new Fast and Furious film: Hobbs is back!
Dwayne Johnson
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 11.26 AM, Jun 02, 2023


Here's some exciting news for fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, especially Dwayne Johnson. The wrestler-turned-actor has announced in a video that he uploaded on his social media page that he will feature in the new Fast and Furious franchise with his character, Luke Hobbs. 

In an over four-minute-long video, Dwayne didn't just confirm his return to the franchise but also spoke about the love that he has received from fans across the world and, more interestingly, about burying the hatchet with co-star Vin Diesel for the sake of their beloved franchise.

Saying that it was "hard as hell" to keep the secret of Hobbs returning to the franchise, Dwayne said, "I am 100% confirming it to you guys around the world that yes, it is true. Hobbs is back. Hobbs is back in the Fast and Furious franchise."

Blown away by all the love that he has received for Fast X, the actor said, "It has been so incredibly personally gratifying and humbling to see your reactions around the world. I loved it, and I love you guys for that reaction." 

Finally, revealing how Vin and he were able to get past their differences to unite for yet another film, Dwayne said, "We've been like brothers for years. Despite me and Vin having our differences, we lead with the idea of resolve and also think about the future and plans that are bigger than ourselves. Those plans are the North Star, our guiding light. In this case, the North Star is the franchise, the characters, and the fans that we love. So, when you add all that up, it's really not a hard decision to make."

Before ending the video, Dwayne gave a peek into what fans could expect from the new film. "It's not even unfinished business between Jason Momoa's character and Hobbs. It's that business is about to pick up... oh sh*t!" he said.