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Elite: 5 Life lessons to learn from the students of Las Encinas

Here’s what we can learn from some of the fan favourite Elite characters

Adelle Fernandes
Jul 12, 2021
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Netflix’s Spanish drama, Elite, came back to the screen with season 4 and did not disappoint. The show is set in a private school, Las Encinas. What makes this show unique is that it goes beyond just GPA and Prom night. The series brings in elements of drama, suspense, murder, mystery and thrill. Elite hosts a variety of characters with a wide range of personalities, which makes their interactions with each other very interesting. Here’s a list of some of the characters who can teach viewers important lessons through their life and experiences.

  1. Omar

Omar is a character with multiple layers. Overall, he teaches viewers to be kind, passionate and humble, just like him. As a young Muslim gay man, most of his time on screen is based on his struggle with his identity. Although society and his family have certain expectations of him, he decides to be true to himself. Watching him come out of his shell and be the confident man he is, is one of the most empowering moments of the show and it teaches us to be ourselves.


2. Nadia

Although she lives a relatively sheltered life than the others on the show, her ability to adapt and grow makes her stand out. She also has deeply rooted values and always stands up for what she believes in, regardless of the opposition she faces. She also teaches us to always stand by those we care about and hold them accountable when needed. Even though she initially appears judgmental, she grows to understand the perspective of her peers and is a great listener to them.


3. Samuel

Lovingly called Samu, he is one of the main characters on the show. Samuel is one of the three scholarship students at Las Encinas and belongs to a lower stratum of society than his peers. He is often considered an outsider and is ill-treated by the more affluent students at the school. However, he never lets any of this get in the way of his success. He works hard and is quite intelligent. He teaches us to always stand by our family and friends, even when things get ugly and the world is against us.


4. Ander

After his long battle with Leukaemia, Ander returns with a newfound love and respect for his boyfriend, Omar, who stood by his side through his bad days. With a heart of gold, he cares about others’ feelings and tries his best not to hurt them. He is a great confidant and will be sure to keep his friends’ secrets come what may.


5. Rebeka

Known for her ability to stand up to authorities and fight for what is right, she is one of the strongest women on the show. She is extremely loyal and always stands by those she loves. She teaches us to always want the best for others and helps our loved ones reach their full potential. The way in which she looks out for the well-being of her mother and Mencia shows us that it is possible to be strong and kind at the same time.

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