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Ella Neenene from KTM is a Sanjith Hegde special with Dheekshith Shetty and Sanjana Doss

KTM, directed by Aruna, is Dheekshith Shetty’s first Kannada release since Dia

Ella Neenene from KTM is a Sanjith Hegde special with Dheekshith Shetty and Sanjana Doss
Dheekshith and Sanjana in the song

Last Updated: 11.17 PM, Feb 02, 2024


Dheekshith Shetty has been counting down to this moment for quite a while. The Kannada actor, who found fame with 2020’s Dia, has not had a release in Kannada since then. In the meantime, his career in Telugu cinema picked up and he is a part of several interesting projects. Immediately after Dia, though, Dheekshith had concentrated on doing Kannada films, one of which was a film called KTM that he was quite kicked about.


KTM, according to Dheekshith, is an intense love story spanning a few years, in which his character goes from a teenager to a man in his late 20s. The transitions in his life, including love and loss, form the crux of this tale by director Aruna. In the run-up to its February 16 release, the team has been dropping songs, starting with Sojiga Sojiga, followed by Ayyayyo and now, Ella Neenene.

Sung by Sanjith Hegde, the lyrical video of Ella Neenene has glimpses of the singer in the studio, as well as visuals from the actual song, featuring Deekshith and Sanjana Doss. It’s a romantic number that has Dheekshith absolutely awe-struck by Sanjana’s character, and provides a glimpse into the onscreen bond they share.

KTM has been ready for a while, which, Dheekshith says got pushed to February because they were looking for a window with at least a 2-week gap between their film and any big star vehicle. “Smaller films like these cannot afford a clash with a big-ticket release, as we will not get enough screens and even the shows we get will not have prime time slots, especially in multiplexes,” said Dheekshith.

The actor added, “After working for so many years on a project, it hurts when you are not able to get it across to the right audience. Darshan sir’s Kaatera was the last big-hero film in late December, following which, no other star has announced a release, which is why we are going ahead with February 16.”

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