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Elvish Yadav pokes fun at Manisha Rani while clarifying why he didn’t change Akshay Kumar’s cover photo

Elvish Yadav responded to Manisha Rani's claims

Elvish Yadav pokes fun at Manisha Rani while clarifying why he didn’t change Akshay Kumar’s cover photo
Elvish Yadav

Last Updated: 06.30 PM, Mar 31, 2024


A day after Manisha Rani opened up about why she unfollowed Elvish Yadav, the latter clarified why he didn’t change the cover photo. Manisha was upset with Elvish for not keeping her in the cover photo for a video they collaborated for. Elvish instead kept his photo with Akshay Kumar as the cover photo.

What Elvish said

Elvish clarified why he didn’t change the cover photo of the video Manisha was talking about. He said that he used the photo with Akshay Kumar over one with Manisha Rani because he wanted more clicks on the ad. The YouTuber added that he was going through a tough time and that it wasn’t an important matter to him. Elvish further called them childish acts.

“Bahut serious mahaul hai,” he started saying, adding that the video is just for the purpose of entertainment. He hopes to promote bhaichaara and behenchaara, further approaching Manisha and asking her not to be upset.

Elvish spoke about watching the video at 12 am and his battery was at 1 percent at 12.04 am. Elvish called Manisha a good human being and maybe his friend too.

Elvish Yadav
Elvish Yadav

Elvish laughs it out

When talking about the cover photo with Akshay Kumar and Manisha being upset with that, Elvish broke into a laugh. He clarified that he isn’t embarrassed about adding the cover photo with her because otherwise they wouldn’t even have collaborated on the project.

Elvish then went on to claim that he was very stressed in life, for he was getting back-to-back calls from police and other officials, asking for updates on a particular case (the Snake Venom case being one of them). Elvish spoke about going through especially tough times since the past few months and that he cannot focus on a cover photo matter at that point. He called it being the day of a cricket match and not finding many photos of him and Manisha. He thought to himself that if there’s a photo of him with Akshay Kumar, that is likely to get more clicks and eventually, more earnings.

Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav
Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav

Why Elvish didn’t change the cover photo

Clarifying on Manisha’s point that Elvish can change a cover photo 100 times, the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner said that the dimensions change when you edit a cover photo on Instagram. He then confirmed telling Manisha that the next time that she wants to post a cover photo, it could be of herself or her with her family or anybody else (with reference to how he has posted a photo with Akshay Kumar, so she can add her photo with someone else while collaborating with Elvish). “Bahut badi cheez ho gayi kya cover photo?,” he asked, pleading that while one problem might be big in someone’s life, it might not be the same case for someone else and thus, they should not be judged basis of that. “Chote bacchon wali baat,” Elvish said about the matter. He then asked Manisha that if she had so much self-respect, then she should have removed the collab video altogether.

On ElviSha and having no grudges with Manisha

Elvish then pointed out how Manisha did not call him up when he was going through tough times, and then asked her not to call him at all. Further, Elvish said that he never considered #ElviSha big enough and didn’t care about it. Towards the end, Elvish said he really misses dancing with Manisha ji during Bigg Boss OTT 2. He then promised to not keep any grudges against her and meet Manisha with a lot of respect. His friends then plead Manisha to invite them all for lunch or dinner at her home and Elvish agreed, that if Manisha wishes to, then they will go for the same. “This is not worth fighting,” Elvish said while ending the video.

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