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Emily in Paris Season 4 has officially begun production; here’s what to expect

Fans will finally get to see Emily in Paris after the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes delayed Season 4. But the wait is over, and no one is more excited than Lily Collins for production to begin.

Emily in Paris Season 4 has officially begun production; here’s what to expect
A still from the climacting ending of Emily in Paris Season 3

Last Updated: 10.47 AM, Jan 20, 2024


Emily in Paris Season 4 has finally greenlit production and the news is good enough to chase away any lingering post-festivities blues as the news is accompanied by a cute announcement post from Lily Collins. The actress took to her Instagram and posted an update on Saison quatre or Season four.

The actress had posted three photos and a video in the announcement post, captioning it with, ‘Did someone say Saison Quatre? Finally reunited with my Emily in Paris fam back in Paris and it feels so good. Although, I may need to brush up on my selfie skills for Emily’s sake...’

Dressed in an HVN midnight blue night pajama, that had little Eiffel Towers printed all over, Lily Collins looked like a vision in no makeup, her healthy locks cascading past her shoulders, reminding viewers of how bangs had once become the signature look for Emily.

What did the photos and videos of Lily Collins' announcement post feature?

The first photo featured her natural beauty only highlighted by the sophisticated yet cute nightwear she donned. But other than her smile, all eyes were on the table read draft she had in her hand, with episode 401 penned on it, further hiking the excitement among fans. The next two slides feature a solo shot of the script and Lily Collins’ character label at the table read, along with a close shot of the Paris pajamas.


The final slide was a video in her post, featuring her laughing and attempting to click the first posted photo of this post, while she looks for a ‘good angle’ to click a selfie. As admitted in the caption of the post, Lily Collins promises to brush up on her selfie skills for Emily’s sake. But if these candid shots are not a heartstopper, what is?

A recap of Season 3 ending and what to expect in Season 4 of Emily in Paris

Season 3 of Emily had last seen the actress stuck in a love triangle between Alfie and Gabriel. While Camille breaks up with Gabriel at her wedding, unable to go through with the lies and the pretense, Alfie gets to know publicly about Camille and Emily’s Gabriel Pact- neither of them will date Gabriel, as both have intense feelings for one another.

But Camille had already broken the pact and begun cheating on Gabriel as well, while Lily kept battling guilt and complicated feelings. Mindy, on the other hand, got a chance to perform at the Eurovision, while Sylvie’s marriage gets rekindled, but will it last? Fans also remember Lily Collins’ teasing hint about Emily going on a Roman holiday in the Season 4 announcement video.

With so much going on, we can expect Season 4 to have an enigmatic and satisfying resolution to these ongoing crises, while adding an extra handful in their midst. As for Gabriel and Emily, at the end of the third season, when both were alone, Emily was about to confess her feelings when Gabriel told her Camille was pregnant.

A stunned Emily and the audience sat in silence, unable to respond. Here’s to hoping we finally get to see Emily and Gabriel together, but without Alfie being sidelined. The hot, British dude deserves a happy ending of his own.

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