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Enjoyed Premalu? Here are 6 films starring Naslen to stream on OTT

Enjoyed watching Premalu? Here are six Naslen-starring films to stream on OTT
Enjoyed Premalu? Here are 6 films starring Naslen to stream on OTT
Naslen in Thanneer Mathan Dinangal and Kuruthi

Last Updated: 05.38 PM, Feb 10, 2024


Girish AD’s latest directorial, Premalu, is receiving praise from the public following its release on February 9. Naslen K Gafoor, who plays the male lead in this romantic comedy, is being lauded for his effortless use of humour that isn't overly dramatic.

The actor has a track record of making audiences laugh with his spontaneous humour. Naslen made his acting debut in the Malayalam film Thanneer Mathan Dinangal and has since gone on to do cameos, supporting parts, and lead roles in several films.

Here is a list of movies in which the young actor Naslen plays interesting characters.

Thanneer Mathan Dinangal (Amazon Prime Video)


Several actors made their film debuts in this romantic comedy, including Girish AD, Mathews, and Naslen. Being a commercial success, it gave their careers a fantastic start. Among the most recognised young actors from the film is Naslen, who plays a high school student named Melvin.

Kuruthi (Amazon Prime Video)

This movie showed that Naslen can play serious roles with dark undertones with the same ease as he can handle humour. The actor plays a young man named Rasool who has been influenced by a stranger from a religious organisation into a world of religious hatred.

#Home (Amazon Prime Video)

In the widely praised movie #Home, directed by Indrans, Naslen plays an endearing young man, Charles Oliver Twist. His ambition is to become a social media influencer. Although he spends all this time on his phone, he does not treat his parents with the haughtiness that his older brother does.

Super Sharanya (ZEE5)

This Girish AD directorial depicts Naslen as a college student named Sangeeth, who is deeply in love with his classmate and protagonist, Sharanya. Even though he makes some hilarious moves to impress her, she rejects his advances. This movie once again showcased the actor's comedic skills.

Pathrosinte Padappukal (ZEE5)

Boney Pathrose, played by Naslen, is a thief and the youngest of three brothers in a family that is struggling to make ends meet. With all of its humorous elements, the movie would make a great watch with your family and friends, even though it did not receive a lot of buzz after its release in theatres.

Makal (Amazon Prime Video)

The sole humorous component within this family drama is Rohit, portrayed by Naslen. Viewers chuckle for a while at the scenes where he pretends to be a migrant worker named Rabindra Chattopadhyay without going overboard.

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