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Euphoria star Sidney Sweeney and Top-Gun Maverick fame Glen Powell fake a relationship in Anyone But You

Sidney Sweeney and Glen Powell star in the latest Will Gluck project, a sizzling, modern rom-com. The main twist? They are enemies who fake a relationship at a friend's wedding in Australia.

Euphoria star Sidney Sweeney and Top-Gun Maverick fame Glen Powell fake a relationship in Anyone But You

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell fake a relationship in Will Gluck's Anyone But You

Last Updated: 04.23 AM, Oct 20, 2023


Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are a one-date-gone-wrong, college rivals who fall in love while faking a relationship, in the first trailer of Anyone But You. Released on Thursday, the trailer promises a full minute of nostalgic, enemies-to-lovers trope as well as a sizzling chemistry between Bea (Sweeney) and Ben (Powell).

The first teaser trailer paints a serene, beachy paradise, where both love and detestation are in the air. Sides of the same coin, Bea and Ben experience a flip of life and love when they pretend to be in a relationship, for mutual benefit, to swim through their friend’s wedding. But how long can disdain stand in the path of blossoming attraction, after all, love and hatred are also two sides of the same silver disc.

The trailer has done nothing to curb or fan the whispers of Sweeney and Powell’s off screen intimacy and chemistry. However, the Euphoria star has always maintained that such speculations are simply amusing to her, as both of them are hard workers who have a lot of fun and respect each other a lot. Sydney Sweeney continues to be blissfully engaged to partner Jonathan Davino, though Glen Powell is currently separated from ex-lover Gigi Paris.

Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing, the screenplay of Anyone But You was co-written by Ilana Wolpert and Will Gluck. The Easy A-director even had the names of protagonists based of off Benedick and Beatrice from the play. The main cast of the raunchy comedy comprise of The Wedding Date’s rom-com elite Dermot Mulroney, Never Have I Ever’s heartthrob Darren Barnet, Alexandra Shipp, Hadley Robinson, Michelle Hurd, Rachel Griffiths, and GaTa.

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