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Excited for Undekhi 3 on SonyLIV? Revisiting everything that happened on the show before the third season releases

Varun Badola has joined Undekhi for season 3

Excited for Undekhi 3 on SonyLIV? Revisiting everything that happened on the show before the third season releases
Undekhi 3 - Harsh Chhaya

Last Updated: 10.14 AM, May 06, 2024


SonyLIV is back with a new season of Undekhi. The upcoming season promises to bring in the innermost animal in the characters of the show. Almost as if they have sold their souls to the devil, the Atwals are back and they’re fiercer than ever. On the other hand, there are people working actively and passively to bring down their drug empire. Will that be possible? Before season 3’s release on May 10 on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium, let’s take a look at the story so far, mainly to see how powerful the Atwals are and if it might be possible to bring them down.


What happened in season 1?

Daman Atwal (Ankur Rathee) and Teji Grewal (Aanchal Singh) are getting married in the Atwal house, where the drug lord lives. Dancers from a nearby village were abducted to perform on D-Day. A dancer caught the seniormost Atwala, Surinder Singh Atwal aka Papaji (Harsh Chhaya)’s attention, but she was fierce and she refused to play by his rules. Drunk and furious after his ego was hurt, Papaji ended up killing her with a bullet straight to the head. This is recorded on camera and a copy of it is made before the Atwals force the cameraman Rishi to delete the clip. Soon after, Rinku Atwal (Surya Sharma) took it upon himself to protect the empire they built by covering up Papaji’s heinous crime. With that, began his killing spree. DSP Barun Ghosh (Dibyendu Bhattacharya), a man who is loyal to the system, is assigned to the case. While the Atwals try to hide the murder, Teji is not okay with any of it. Before dying, Saloni and Rishi team up with her to unmask what the Atwals are like. Teji wants to cancel the wedding and her life is in danger after Papaji and Rinku decide to kill her, but she goes deeper in with the Atwals. Meanwhile Ghosh takes Koyal’s help to unravel the case, but he cannot make an arrest without proper evidence.

Season 2

Ghosh and Teji take it upon themselves to keep Koyal safe, but things take a turn for the worse and they get in a situation where Koyal, their last witness, is also no more. Meanwhile, there’s a new player challenging the Atwals. That is Samarth (Nandish Sandhu). Teji then teams up with Daman (who initially shows no interest in the drug business but is instead the dark horse of the family). Meanwhile, Rinku is about to get married, unaverse to all the crimes he has committed, including killing and rape. The Atwals now have a face-off with Samarth, who operates in hiding after announcing the rivalry in open.

Undekhi season 2 - Nandish Singh Sandhu.
Undekhi season 2 - Nandish Singh Sandhu.

What season 3 will bring

Right now, it is Teji and Ghosh vs the Atwals. Another player has come in to challenge the Atwals. That is Varun Badola’s Rajveer Malhotra. With his entry, the video has leaked and reached police headquarters too. But the Atwals have everyone in their pocket and will do anything to do Papaji safe. Does this mean that Ghosh will back out? Not really. With that, season 3 promises to be an interesting game of cat-and-mouse chase with some extremely important highlights from time-to-time.

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