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Exclusive! Bhai Behen vs The World: Saloni Gaur says creating real content is like using makeup in a 'no-makeup' look

Popular brother-sister content creators Saloni Gaur and Shubham Gaur released their new show on Amazon miniTV

Exclusive! Bhai Behen vs The World: Saloni Gaur says creating real content is like using makeup in a 'no-makeup' look
Bhai Behen VS The World
  • Arundhuti Banerjee

Last Updated: 02.45 PM, Dec 17, 2022

Available On:

Popular young content creators Saloni Gaur and Shubham Gaur, who are siblings, just released their new show titled Bhai Behen vs The World.

The content of the show comes across as very relatable - regular fights and chatter between siblings, and encountering family members in everyday life. In a special conversation with OTTplay, the duo opens up about their ways to create funny and relatable content.

Subham told OTTplay, "I think that when we create comedy content, the laughter should come naturally and that should translate onscreen. That is what happened to our show during the making of it. It was scripted, but a lot of it was improvised while shooting. We also had a lot of fun while during the post-production. Everything that we do in the show is real and relatable because we are just putting out exaggerated versions of ourselves. But yes, since it is fiction, we took the creative liberty of saying a few things here and there that otherwise in real life you might not say. But the camaraderie is for real!"

Adding to this, Saloni said, "Creating real funny content is like creating a no-makeup makeup look (laughs)! It is a scripted show, but we scripted things that we all do in real life with our siblings. We do not want to show anything larger than life. So, eventually, when it comes out onscreen, nobody would believe that we actually worked hard to create the show - it looks effortless. That was the whole idea - that the audience should feel like we are one of them. We wanted to keep it real "

Bhai Behen vs The World is created by Team Yellow Montage and is streaming on Amazon miniTV.