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Exclusive! Bhai Behen vs The World: THIS is what Saloni Gaur can't stand about Shubham

The brother-sister duo get candid with OTTplay

Exclusive! Bhai Behen vs The World: THIS is what Saloni Gaur can't stand about Shubham
Saloni Gaur
  • Arundhuti Banerjee

Last Updated: 03.04 PM, Dec 17, 2022

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Digital content creator siblings Saloni Gaur and Shubham Gaur are celebrating their madness in the newly released mini-series Bhai Behen vs The World. The brother-sister duo open up about each other's most annoying habits that they ideally wouldn't want revealed in the public.

In a candid chat with OTTplay, they had a laugh and disclosed some of their mad and bad habits.

Saloni said, "Even though there are many habits of Shubham bhaiya that I hate, the most irritating one is his eating habit. He keeps his mouth open when he chews his food, and that munching sound is so annoying, I can't tell you! I so wish there is a software that I can put in him that could take that could cure him of his bad habit! That chumm chummm nummm nummm sound...(laugh)."

Feeling quite embarrassed and awkward after his secret was revealed, Shubham quickly added, "Why do you need any software? There are so many noise cancellation headphones! And I know Saloni keeps watching something on her phone while eating. God knows from where she gets to hear me munching!"

Asked what's that one habit that Saloni has that he absolutely hates, and Shubham says, "This! Talking about these personal things with the public! Aare kaun kehte hai aise? This is dinner table madness!"

Throughout the interview Saloni was speaking less than Shubham. So, when we asked her why, she said, "I think on-camera or off-camera, bhaiya has the habit of speaking up. At home also, anything we need to convey to mom and dad, bhaiya speaks first! Bolne wala department ghar aur bahar humesha bhaiya ka hi hai! Even if you watch his episode of Honest Review content, he doesn't allow anyone else to speak...he speaks a lot! (laughed)."

Bhai Behen vs The World is streaming on Amazon miniTV.