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Exclusive! CAT actor Dakssh Ajit Singh: Drug addiction is a real issue that the youth of Punjab is dealing with

Actor and singer-songwriter Dakssh Ajit Singh says with real content in demand, the audience is getting introduced to another side of Punjab

Exclusive! CAT actor Dakssh Ajit Singh: Drug addiction is a real issue that the youth of Punjab is dealing with
Dakssh Ajit Singh
  • Arundhuti Banerjee

Last Updated: 03.25 PM, Dec 29, 2022


Actor Dakssh Ajit Singh, who played a pivotal role in the web series CAT, is set in rural Punjab and deals with serious issues like drugs and youth's involvement in it. He explains why more films and shows should be made on real stories like these and how society should take collective responsibility to irradicate such problems, while talking to OTTplay in an exclusive chat. 

Dakssh told us, "I think all these years Punjab was shown on-screen, especially in Bollywood cinemas, in one tone. But now that we are consuming more and more real content, real story, the other side of Punjab is also coming up. Drugs and how the youth is dealing with it is a real issue. So, when a major part of the audience initially thought that our CAT has an Udta Punjab hangover, is only because they have watched the drug issue of Punjab in that film." 

He went on to add, "Otherwise, Punjab is always projected as a socially, culturally rich province where happy people are living and eating great food, and celebrating every occasion. Well yes, we Punjabis are vadde dil wale, but there is no society without issues and problems." 

Citing one of his personal life experiences, Dakssh said, "From my teenage, I have lost three of my friends due to drug issues. Eventually, all of them became addicts. Being a boy from Ludhiana lower middle-class family, I have lived a hard life and seen many talented youngsters ruin their lives due to drugs." 

"The idea of making a show like CAT that deals with a real issue like this, we are trying to convey the intensity of a situation and bring about a change for the youngsters. Drugs and addictions are not an escape or a solution and as hard as it may sound, the real struggle that every youth goes through due to lack of job opportunities, the society has to take collective responsibility for it," the actor signed off. 

The web series CAT, also starring Randeep Hooda, is streaming on Netflix.