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Exclusive! Darshan: V Harikrishna is the reason I did Yajamana and Kranti

The Challenging Star explains that the composer-director’s knack for mixing class cinema with mass elements is what appeals to him.

Exclusive! Darshan: V Harikrishna is the reason I did Yajamana and Kranti

Darshan and V Harikrishna at the first press meet of Kranti

  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 03.39 PM, Jan 10, 2023

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Challenging Star Darshan and composer V Harikrishna’s professional relationship goes a long way, starting with 2007s Bhoopati, and going on with Gaja, Indra, Arjun, Navagraha, Abhay, Porki, Boss, Prince, Saarathi, Chingari, Brindavana, Ambareesha, Mr Airavata, Viraat, Jaggu Dada, Kurukshetra, Roberrt (BGM only), beside his two directorials with the superstar, Yajamana and the upcoming Kranti. While their bond is more personal than professional these days, there is no denying that Darshan holds Harikrishna’s opinion on commercial cinema with great regard. This, he says, is also why he has chosen to work not once, but twice with Harikrishna as director.

Darshan and V Harikrishna at the press meet
Darshan and V Harikrishna at the press meet

Speaking to OTTplay ahead of the release of Kranti, which is scheduled to hit theatres on January 26, Darshan elaborated on his working relationship with Harikrishna. “Yajamana was the first production that we did together. We knew that Hari would be the director, but got Pon Kumaran also on board. But then, the whole film, right from the story to everything else about it, was done by Hari and producer-actor B Suresha. Media House Studio, run by B Suresha and his wife, Shylaja Nag, is normally associated with ‘class’ movies, series, etc. They are more sophisticated and are known for arthouse kind of cinema. Yajamana was a complete departure from what they’d normally do. It was a nice mix of class and mass and that’s where Hari comes in. He can’t work on class content, because he is a pakka mass filmmaker. But then he worked in tandem with Suresha and the two of them together married the class and mass elements to present it in a style that will appeal to audiences. I decided to do Yajamana because I was confident that Hari would handle it well and give it the right mass touch,” explains Darshan.

With Kranti, Harikrishna turns independent director. “Hari is a silent killer. He doesn’t speak much, but delivers on screen. I have worked with Hari over many years and I know that he has great judgement about films. If you give him any movie of, say, any other director, he will tell you point-blank if he feels it has any flaws. He will also give suggestions on how to correct it,” adds Darshan.