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Exclusive! Flames 3 actor Tanya Maniktala : I think God was laughing at me!

The actress Tanya Maniktala looked back at a time when she almost quit acting.

Exclusive! Flames 3 actor Tanya Maniktala : I think God was laughing at me!
Tanya Maniktala

Last Updated: 08.08 PM, Nov 01, 2022


Actress Tanya Maniktala, who recently appeared in the third season of Flames, became an overnight sensation post the release of the web series A Suitable Boy. Now that the actress also finished shooting a feature film with Santosh Sivan, and appeared in multiple projects, she looks back at a time when she decided to quit acting and thanks the Almighty for changing her mind in the nick of time.

Tanya told OTTplay, " I think God was laughing at me when I was packing my bag and planning to quit acting. Now when I look back even I laugh. Imagine! I almost decided to leave acting and I finished my graduation and then I was working as a copywriter in an ad agency!"

But what really made her do so, even after getting a positive response for her performance in the first season of the web series Flames?

Then Tanya revealed the story further.

"Look, I am very emotionally attached to my family and especially my siblings. All my elder siblings were going abroad for their higher education and I was trying to find my balance between acting because I started acting even before I finished graduation from college. Since I come from a non-film background, I did not know the process of waiting in between projects. Like a school student, I was like, next project will happen exactly like the way things happen in class. I was feeling restless and somewhere heartbroken. I felt I am missing out on things because all my siblings are away, how will I do anything without them," she shared.

That is why Tanya decided to pack her bags and go to Australia for higher studies. Just when she moved out of the country, she got a call for the audition of A Suitable Boy, a Mira Nair directorial, and the rest is history.

"I think since then I decided to not plan my life but to do things with all my dedication that I am offered by life. I am telling you, God has the best plan!" laughed Tanya.

The actress later also appeared in Feels Like Ishq, Chutzpah, and How To Fall In Love, and she is now working on another feature film alongside Shantanu Maheshwari.

Flames Season 3 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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