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Exclusive! 'I am like water - pour me in a glass, I will take that shape': Kranti star Darshan Thoogudeepa

In a recent conversation with OTTplay, Darshan discusses the comfort zone he is quite apparently in and how his approach to acting has been fairly simple for a long time.

Exclusive! 'I am like water - pour me in a glass, I will take that shape': Kranti star Darshan Thoogudeepa
Darshan at the press conference of Kranti

Last Updated: 07.40 PM, Jan 22, 2023


Over the past 20-odd years, the actor in Darshan has collaborated with filmmakers of varied kinds. Having had to fend for himself and seek out opportunities in the initial phase, he wasn't particularly spoilt for choice as far as roles and collaborations are concerned. But it wasn't very long before things changed and Darshan began to live of his own accord in the Kannada Film Industry, thus allowing him to create those very opportunities and nudge his career in the direction of his choice. 

Following a string of box office successes, the Challenging Star launched his own production banner in 2006 called Thoogudeepa Productions (with Jothe Jotheyali being the first venture). As an actor, too, Darshan has continued to be one of the industry's biggest crowd-pullers with multiple mega hits to his name. And in the due course, he also managed to form his own clique, so to speak, of filmmakers and producers who curate projects for him exclusively.

So, does that mean that he has grown comfortable and complacent? And would he be willing to work with a "newbie" filmmaker in the future? Darshan's next project, which is tentatively titled D56, is with his Roberrt director Tharun Kishore Sudhir and he is slated to reunite with Yajamana & Kranti gang right after that.

"I am like water - put me in a glass, I will take that shape. Pour me into a bottle and I will take that exact shape. See, it's pretty simple: whoever's ready with a project and has got it lined up for me, I will go with that filmmaker. The only reason I am working with V. Harikrishna again (D57) is because he has a script ready for me. And also, I can't sit idly because time is money for me - what do I do with my free time? Can't let that go to waste, right?" says Darshan, in his usual DBoss candour.


And yet, one has seen a plea, of sorts, crop up on social media with Darshan's many fans urging him to step out of his comfort zone and, maybe, dabble in a new story or work with a filmmaker of the newer breed. Would the Challenging Star be keen, should the crowd encore grow louder?

"It is never about a senior filmmaker or a newbie filmmaker. I don't differentiate that way. All that matters is whether, or not, the director is capable of handling the subject and not 'Darshan'. Can he or she translate their vision onto the screen? If yes, then 101 per cent, I will go with them," adds the Kranti actor.

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