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EXCLUSIVE: I gave my audition for ‘Ghoomer’ during ‘Dear Zindagi’ itself, says Angad Bedi

OTTplay caught up with the actor for an exclusive interview wherein he spoke many interesting things about his role in ‘Ghoomer’, his humble beginnings and his career so far.

EXCLUSIVE: I gave my audition for ‘Ghoomer’ during ‘Dear Zindagi’ itself, says Angad Bedi
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Last Updated: 07.08 PM, Aug 10, 2023


After having made his showbiz debut with ‘Kaya Taran’ (which was an adaptation of a Malayalam short story ‘Vanmarangal Veezhumpol’), the towering Angad Bedi went onto leave his imprints in Bollywood in films like 'F.A.L.T.U', 'Pink', 'Dear Zindagi', 'Tiger Zinda Hai'… to name a few. These days, the man is super busy giving interviews as a part of the promotional campaign for his most-talked about film ‘Ghoomer’, which is now being readied for a theatrical release.

OTTplay caught up with the actor for an exclusive interview wherein he spoke many interesting things about his role in ‘Ghoomer’, his humble beginnings and his career so far. Over to you, Angad!

Angad, in a nutshell, tell us what is your role in 'Ghoomer'?
I play the guy called Jeet and am the romantic angle with Saiyami’s character. My character comes back from overseas. Even though he has made a life for himself, but, when it comes to his girlfriend, he thinks and believes in putting her forward and him beside her. In short, he is her total support system. He always stands in the stands just to see her smile. He genuinely believes in the potential that she has. How is he with his girl, who is a differently able person through her thick and thin. In short, it’s a common man’s role. This was Balki sir’s project where I got to work with him for the second time, the first time being ‘Lust Stories 2’.

Speaking of two times, this is also the second time when you got to work with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, the first time being ‘Pink’.
He is there in the film. But, he and I don't share the screen.

Most importantly, why is the film named as ‘Ghoomer’?
It’s a special bowling delivery that Saiyami’s character bowls, that’s connected to a dance form.

How did 'Ghoomer' happen to you?
Alongside my film ‘Pink’, I had done a film with Gauri Shinde called ‘Dear Zindagi’, which was released around the same time. I did it because I wanted to be a part of ‘Hope Productions’ and have high regards for both Balki sir and Gauri mam. One day, Balki sir told me to meet him in a restaurant and that’s where he spoke of my role in Ghoomer. He said, it will be a romantic angle. He said that he had seen me in ‘Dear Zindagi’ and that he was convinced that I can pull it off convincingly.

What was your first reaction when the film was offered to you? Did you say yes because of the film’s director or your co-star or your role in the film?
I said yes because the subject was very relevant. I am a big watcher of R Balki’s films. And my most favourite is 'Shamitabh'. I always wanted to work with Abhishek Bachchan, Shabana Azmi ji. With Abhishek, he is more than family to me. Seeing his past body of work, I always used to admire him as an actor. Abhishek is a man who does commercial cinema with as much aplomb with cinema that has great meaning. Not many actors have been able to make you believe that he is THE character.

Was there an audition that you gave for the film ‘Ghoomer’? I gave my audition for ‘Ghoomer’ during ‘Dear Zindagi’ itself! (smiles).

You have worked with many directors. What’s that one thing about R Balki that sets him apart from others?
He is a man with extremely high intelligence. He is always ten steps ahead in his thought process. He will never let the actors go out of rhythm.

What kind of training did you have to undergo for the film? Having sports running in your genes, was this film a cakewalk?
I don’t play any sport in the film. Mine is the romantic angle in the film.

What was the toughest part while shooting for the film?
The toughest part was that you know the sport, but you are not able to play the sport! (laughs).

How has been your working equation with Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher?
Saiyami Kher is my first friend in the film industry. We are really happy with each other’s success. We both are cricket fanatics. She is a lovely girl. This is the film that the universe had chosen for her. That’s what even Balki sir said about her stating, “Everyone is replaceable in the film, except for Saiyami”.

Since Saiyami Kher and you have sports as a common element, did it become the topic of discussion during tour free time between shoots?
There is not a single sport that she does not play. So, many times, we were chatting our way about sports, sports and sports.

What has been your biggest takeaway from ‘Ghoomer’?
I just want people to come to the theatres and watch the film for the sheer hard work that all of us have put in. My biggest takeaway from the film ‘Ghoomer’ is the hard work that all of us have put in the film to make it a success at the box-office. Everyone’s journey in the film has been definitely inspiring.

You and your wife Neha Dhupia are great friends with Karan Johar. When can we see you in a Karan Johar film?
That you need to ask Karan Johar about it!

These are a few rumours floating about you. It will be great if you can clarify them.
To start with, you love to cook meals for yourself and your family.
Of course, yes. I love cooking.

That you had signed ‘Kai Po Che’ and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's ‘Ram Leela’?
Yes, that’s true!

That you had almost become a professional cricketer like your legendary father Bishen Singh Bedi. But you could not pursue it further because of your migraine problem?
Not just because of migraine. The fact is that I was an average sports guy. I did not have the ‘X’ factor.

That you are an ambidextrous person?
Yes! I bowl with my left hand and bat with my right hand. I write with my right hand and I do many other things with my left hand.

What’s next after ‘Ghoomer’?
There is a web show based on romance and murder called ‘The Legal Affair’, which will be on Jio Cinema. Besides this, I have the south Indian film Hi Nanna’.

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