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Jackie Shroff on son Tiger Shroff: That people know me as 'Tiger ka baap' is his best birthday gift to me | Exclusive

Exclusive: Jackie Shroff speaks about his son Tiger Shroff on his birthday
Jackie Shroff on son Tiger Shroff: That people know me as 'Tiger ka baap' is his best birthday gift to me | Exclusive

Pic Courtesy: Official Instagram Accounts of Jackie Shroff and Tiger Shroff

Last Updated: 06.48 PM, Mar 02, 2023


Today is the birthday of Tiger Shroff the proud son of Bollywood’s ‘bhidu’ Jackie Shroff. After making his memorable debut with ‘Heropanti’, Tiger went on to ‘roar’ at the box office with his other films. These films included ‘Baaghi’, ‘Student Of The Year 2’, ‘War’.. to name a few. He had even lent his vocals to the single ‘Unbelievable’ and a few more.

OTTplay caught up with Tiger Shroff’s proud father Jackie Shroff who spoke about his son on the occasion of his birthday!

Jackie dada, since today is your son Tiger Shroff’s birthday, what’s your birthday wish for him?
Bhidu… I really want my son Tiger to always have good health and peace of mind… always!

Looking back, how was Tiger Shroff as a child?
He was always a dreamer and an achiever. He used to dream a lot! He was very silent by nature.

What is your fondest memory of Tiger Shroff during his growing up years?
Let me tell you this… what had happened was that, when my boy Tiger was around ten years old, he was skating. And while practising skating, he fell down from the skates and hurt himself very badly. So much so that he started bleeding. But… he still managed to get up and started to skate all over again! That’s my boy Tiger!

If you had to describe Tiger Shroff in one word, how would you want to / like to describe him as?
Bhidu… describing Tiger in one word… (thinks a lot) .. will be slightly tough. But, still, I would like to term him as ‘Blessed’. He is truly a blessed child. And I am so proud that he is my son.

Which film, according to you, is his best film till date?
His best film till date has to be always the first film (debut film).

Who do you think that he makes a great onscreen pair with?
Any leading lady! My boy Tiger blends with anybody. He is extremely compatible.

Which has been your most memorable birthday day gift for Tiger?
I have got an orange sapling planted in his name today. This has come from Sikkim. I do this kind of planting for everyone in the family. Right from my children to my wife, mother and everyone else…I have planted a tree in their name. (smiles).

Which has been the memorable birthday gift that Tiger has ever gifted you with?The very fact that people know me as ‘Tiger ka baap’ (Tiger’s father) is the best gift that my son Tiger has ever gifted me. What more can I even ask for! I just could not have asked for a better gift than this one!

Can you tell our readers three things about Tiger Shroff which no one knows?
My beta Tiger has ‘Maa ka dil’... which means he is an extremely emotional person by nature. I am proud of the fact that Tiger really knows his roots. He is still the middle class person who works hard day and night. Tiger is an extremely disciplined and well-behaved human being. All of us in the family worship our craft… our work. Tiger too does that religiously. And most importantly, Tiger respects his mother very much. That’s what is extremely important to me.

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