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Exclusive! Jee Karda’s Akshay Bindra: Talented actors are losing out due to social media influencers

The actor will be seen alongside Tamannaah Bhatia and Aashim Gulati in the next season of Jee Karda on Amazon Prime Video

Exclusive! Jee Karda’s Akshay Bindra: Talented actors are losing out due to social media influencers
Akshay Bindra

Last Updated: 04.46 PM, Mar 16, 2023


After being part of series like Four More Shots Please! and Hiccups and Hookups, actor Akshay Bindra is all set to share screen with Tamannaah Bhatia, Aashim Gulati and Anya Singh in Season 2 of Jee Karda on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Arunima Sharma, it’s a coming-of-age series that revolves around the lives of seven friends, who have known each other since their childhood. 

Akshay made his acting debut with Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein on Colors TV. In an exclusive conversation with OTTplay, the actor - who is also trained in dance and martial arts, and enjoys cooking and knitting - talks about his role in the series, why he thinks aspiring actors are missing out on good roles due to the presence of ‘internet celebrities’, the importance of consistently working on your craft and more. Excerpts:

Q. Tell us about your character in the series Jee Karda

A. It’s my third OTT project, and although I won’t be able to reveal much about my character at this point, I can tell you that he is basically a superstar. And as there is a downfall in every star’s life, that’s exactly what is happening to him too. He gets involved with his therapist, who is one of the lead actors in the show, and then the roller coaster ride begins. He’s a self-centred person, who only thinks about himself.

Why did I choose this character? It’s because it had a major graph. From liking this character, you might just start hating it. Even in my previous projects, you would notice that even if the part is small, it’s got a nice graph. So, that’s what I look at whenever I pick a character. There should be an arc in the character - a switch, which should be noticeable. Also, it’s a Maga Films production with a great cast - Tamannaah, Aashim and Anya, among other actors. So I wouldn’t have passed up the opportunity to work with them. 

Q. Is it an advantage to work in projects with an ensemble cast or would you rather prefer to be part of a film or series with fewer lead characters?

A. With fewer lead characters, of course. The advantage of a bigger cast is that the viewership will be more and the disadvantage is that you’ll have less screen time and fewer dialogues or scenes with anyone. So if it’s only two or three people, probably there’ll be more content and more for me to do as an actor.

The actor will be seen alongside Tamannaah Bhatia and Aashim Gulati in 'Jee Karda'
The actor will be seen alongside Tamannaah Bhatia and Aashim Gulati in 'Jee Karda'

Q. With the emergence of OTT, the entertainment industry is brimming with different narratives and talents. Does it bother you if you cannot land a meatier role?

A. Not at all. If it starts bothering me, it will tamper with my performance, and you won’t be able to give your 100% to it. On the set, you have to give your 100% and have to be 100% attentive. You have to listen to the director, and you cannot have any bitterness while doing that. You give your best, and the right people will notice it and you’ll get picked up. It’s a process. I’ve done a few small roles in the past and hopefully, I’ll get better roles in the future.

Q. Do you think OTT is providing the right kind of opportunities for young actors?

A. Definitely. There are so many characters to play on so many platforms and through so many genres. It has really opened up opportunities for a lot of young actors. But again, if you’re good at your job, you will get it anyway. Having said that, in today’s world that’s not enough. Makers are also looking at the number of followers on your Instagram account and taking people, just to have better viewership and reach. In fact, I’ve lost two web shows because of that, even though my auditions were outside the box. The director liked them, but the channel was like, ‘no, we need someone with more followers’. But I think I would rather do an acting workshop than go out and make reels and all that content that won’t serve me well when I’m in front of the camera and the director. That time those people will freeze and we will excel. So yes, I’ve lost projects because of fewer followers on social media, and it doesn’t feel right, but this is what it is.

Q. Thanks to their strong presence on social media, ‘influencers’ or ‘internet celebrities’ are now finding their feet in movies and web shows too. Does it make landing roles challenging for aspiring actors?

A. A lot of talented people are losing out now. Before the emergence of ‘social media influencers’, average actors also used to get work, but now they are not getting any work at all. So now, you can expect to get good work only if your audition is top-notch and the director insists on having you onboard or you are an influencer. Those in between are completely lost. I was lost for a long time and then I started doing workshops and improved my craft. Eventually, I understood that fine line between acting and not acting. You don’t have to act basically, you have to be yourself. I knew that I’ll somehow have to ace my audition. Now, whatever audition I give, I get a good response. Casting directors also call me more often because they want to see me doing a show as a main lead. It’s all about that one show where you get the recognition, and then work will continue to flow in. You just have to keep working hard. You cannot sit back or not do your lines or not prepare for the character. As you grow in this field, I feel you have to keep working harder and harder. And even smart work is important. So, that’s my take on it. Good looks won’t last forever. You will eventually turn old. But if you are good at your craft, I think that’s the only way to sustain. That holds true even if you are a celebrity’s son or daughter.

Q. Your future projects…

A. I’ve been shortlisted for a few web shows and movies right now, some of them are big productions. So, keeping my fingers crossed. There’s also this new ad coming up with Karan Johar. So, that’s one thing I’m looking forward to. 

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