Exclusive! Koneenica Banerjee: This Puja, I am grateful that I am getting back my voice, my life

The actress lost her voice partially after her spine surgery in August. After one and a half months of a gritty fight and with the help of her speech therapist, she has started recovering her lost voice. In a chat, she talks about her journey

Exclusive! Koneenica Banerjee: This Puja, I am grateful that I am getting back my voice, my life
Koneenica Banerjee
  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 11.43 AM, Sep 28, 2022


Koneenica Banerjee is not here to give up. The actress endured intense pain while shooting Avijit Sen’s Family drama Projapoti in July and soon after that she went to Chennai with her family for spine surgery. While the surgery took place successfully, she temporarily lost her voice. After a month, she explained her plight to her fans on social media Live. However, it is through her grit and resilience, Koneenica is on her way toward a complete recovery. On Tuesday, she took her first step toward an assignment and danced at Chaltabagan Durga Puja Pandal. She also inaugurated the Puja. In an exclusive chat with OTTplay, she opens up about her challenges, her fight, and Puja's plan. Read on…

How are you now?

I am still recovering. A major part of my voice is back but I still can’t talk at the top of my voice. That is yet to be back. With the help of my speech therapist, I am better. I worked in Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy’s Konttho, where an RJ loses his voice and then gradually gets it back with the help of a therapist. My situation is similar.

My surgery took place at a point in my spine where all the nerves joined together. During the operation, a very fine nerve in the vocal system got affected. With gradual therapy, it is coming back.

It must be a very difficult journey for you…

I did not feel unlucky. I did not blame my destiny. I took it as a challenge. I never wanted anyone’s sympathy, I just wanted to go there and get done with it. The voice loss was not part of the plan. The doctor couldn’t predict this. But he, along with the nurses, therapists, and everyone, helped me get back to my life. If you are resilient the entire universe will be at your side.

I am very grateful for every little thing in life today. From sipping water to eating, talking, and hugging my daughter – I am grateful for everything in life. Doctors and nurses are like gods to me.

But your work has been affected and interrupted.

I worked in Projapoti. After the surgery when the Aay Tobe Sohochori team contacted me I told them I cannot speak. Dubbing is not an option. The serial came to an end. I was recording some episodes on a music app and there I got replaced but that was obvious. I could not speak at that time. When Sundeep Bhutoria asked me to inaugurate the Puja, I readily accepted. I feel better when I work. As I told you, I did not blame my luck. I feel everything happens so that we learn something new. I also learnt who my friends are and stuck with me throughout.


When Bhutoria’s offer came, Surajit, my husband, was a little worried. But my mother – an equivalent of Ma Durga to me, said, ‘If you don't step out now, you will take longer to step out’. That gave me courage. I performed and nothing happened. I did not trip and I did not hurt my neck.

What is your plan for Puja?

I did not do any shopping and I am enjoying the charm of Puja. I am in Bokul Bagan now. The entire neighbourhood is decked up. There are so many people on the street. I remember, when I was in the hospital I used to look out of the window and think if I could ever watch and meet people. Now when I see the crowd, I feel grateful. I am not stepping out much. But I am very sorted. We will travel to Vietnam on Saptami.

I feel blessed. Before the surgery, I only prayed that I would be able to go back to Kiah. She is such a sweetheart. She stayed with my mother during my surgery. She used to come to me in the afternoon, we used to have lunch together and she used to sleep with me in my hospital bed. All I wanted was to be able to be back to her and I am here. I feel grateful for life.