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Exclusive! Lakadbaggha actress Ridhi Dogra was shocked to know that dog meat was used in biryani

Actress Ridhi Dogra, who is playing a pivotal character in the Victor Mukherjee directorial releasing on January 13, talks about the importance of taking care of endangered species

Exclusive! Lakadbaggha actress Ridhi Dogra was shocked to know that dog meat was used in biryani
Ridhi Dogra

Last Updated: 03.14 PM, Jan 10, 2023


While doing a film, actors get an insight into the subject that the movie is about. Actress Ridhi Dogra, who is playing a pivotal role in the upcoming animal vigilante film Lakadbaggha, reveals that a few years ago she was shocked to read in a newspaper about dog meat being used in biryani in Kolkata. 

Sometime in 2018, news about the suspected use of dog and cat meat in fast food was making the rounds in the city, she said.

Speaking about the things that she learnt about animal welfare and wildlife trade that she wasn’t previously aware of, Ridhi told OTTplay, “One of the shocking things that I got to know from a newspaper a few years ago was that in Kolkata dog meat was used in biryani. When the news broke out later, it impacted the city’s food business.”

“While working on this project, I have learnt a lot about illegal wildlife trade in India, and how it is also linked to the country’s food sector. It was quite an eye-opener to know about the kind of animal cruelty happening around that we are completely oblivious of,” she elaborated.

Emphasising on the condition of the endangered striped hyena displayed in the film, the actress said, “It is a very important story for me to tell because striped hyenas are one of the endangered species. In fact, only one hyena was spotted in a zoo a few years ago. I think it is necessary to talk about that animal that is slowly getting extinct. It’s high time that we realise that humans are ruining the ecosystem by creating an imbalance in nature. And eventually, we will become the most affected species on earth. The story of Lakadbaggha is about the section of people working hard to conserve wildlife for the protection of our future.”

Set in Kolkata, the narrative revolves around a young man, named Arjun Bakshi, who gives shelter to stray dogs. One day, he comes across a kidnapped lakadbaggha, and unearths an illegal animal trade racket. 

Milind Soman, Paresh Pahuja, Bijou Thaangjam, Adrita De and Trushant Ingle are among the other actors in the film. 

Lakadbaggha is releasing on January 13 in the theatre.

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