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Exclusive! Lakadbaggha was earlier named THIS before it got its unique name

Independent film producer and actor Anshuman Jha shares some fun facts about his latest film

Exclusive! Lakadbaggha was earlier named THIS before it got its unique name
Anshuman Jha

Last Updated: 08.43 PM, Jan 14, 2023


Actor and producer Anshuman Jha, who is the protagonist of the animal vigilante film Lakagbaggha, explains what made him release the film theatrically and more fun facts about the action-thriller.

Anshuman told OTTplay, "I was sure from the beginning that I wanted to make a film on animal welfare with a message that is entertaining. I wanted to sketch it around action, but realistic action -- almost close to something that we call 'ghusandbaazi' in Delhi. You cannot fake such a thing; you have to train yourself to do it. So, sitting in the audience, when you hear a bone cracking in hand-to-hand combat scenes, it affects your mind and you want to cheer for the character, Arjun. I think the best way to make a film successful is to emotionally invest in it as a maker and then engage the audience with the content. My film attempts to do exactly that."

However, he said, they were initially not sure about the title of the film or even if it would be based on a hyena. "Initially, it was named Production no.4, because it is our fourth production as Frist Ray Films. We started developing the story and then an incident took place in which an Indian striped hyena was seen in a zoo. We took inspiration from that incident and developed the story," added the actor.  

At a time when releasing films in theatres has become expensive and many producers are opting out for direct OTT releases, the young film producer explained why he released the film in theatres. "Of course, it is a risk to release a film theatrically in the current scenario, but I know the treat we are offering to audiences. From the cinematography to action choreography and background music -- we have a wonderful, creative team. The film is shot by award-winning French cinematographer Jean-Marc Selva, who's last Indian film was No Fathers In Kashmir, which was nominated for an Oscar. So, yes, we have a lot to admire of his visual work onscreen."

Directed by Victor Mukherjee, and also starring Ridhi Dogra, Milind Soman and Paresh Pahuja, Lakadbaggha is currently in theatres.  

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