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Exclusive! "Physics Teacher deals with the vast and complex subject of Reality vs Illusion with intrigue and finesse," says Rajesh Nataranga

The seasoned actor shares his experience making the film with a debutant and the subtle differences between mainstream and the budding new-age style of filmmaking

  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 11.45 AM, May 25, 2022

Exclusive! "Physics Teacher deals with the vast and complex subject of Reality vs Illusion with intrigue and finesse," says Rajesh Nataranga
Rajesh Nataranga in 'Physics Teacher'

Actor Rajesh Nataranga is no stranger to experiments. Over the past two decades, he has grown to become an endearing and reliable presence in films that range from mainstream to independent productions, and it is apparent that he sees no specific distinction between the two. And one such exciting outing, so to speak is Physics Teacher which is all set to release this Friday (May 27), and he will be seen playing a rather intriguing part in the film. 

"During the lockdown, I grew quite interested in spirituality and philosophy and was often engaging in conversations about these topics. Of course, one can't ever imagine getting to the depths of this topic but when Sumukha came to me with a script that revolves around the same, I was drawn to it immediately. Also, Sumukha is the son of my dear friends and I have seen him grow up quite literally in front of my eyes. So, the initial nudge was to encourage him in his pursuits but when he narrated the idea and the story to me, I was pleasantly surprised. 

The whole concept of illusion vs reality is murky and confusing but this film deals with it with a lot of skill and finesse, and Sumukha has managed to put it together as an engaging film. It's a thin line you tread, you know, and while discussing science and similar topics, it can often become too preachy or even shallow and boring - yet, this story manages to find the right balance," shares Rajesh Nataranga who has been described as the "mystery man" in the film.

And despite the vast experience, what is it that lures Rajesh Nataranga to work with newcomers? "There is this openness to strike a conversation with young and sensible filmmakers," he says and adds that while he has found a groove in the mainstream space, smaller and more independent productions give him the liberty to express himself. "Mainstream can lead to a bit of monotony if you aren't careful, and the new-age filmmakers are exploring all kinds of ideas of late so it's great to keep a great mix. In the case of the latter, the excitement stems from being more emotionally involved in the making of the film - as an actor, you get to develop the character and even contribute to how the story is told so you remain curious till the film comes out. That said, I don't mean to dismiss the significance of mainstream cinema because I have done a whole lot of them and they all have their own places in the audiences' hearts. One can't impose their own tastes on the audience but be open to various opportunities," adds the Kendasampige actor.

Physics Teacher has been co-written and directed by Sumukha (directorial debut) who also stars in the film as the main lead. Prerana Kambam, Rajesh Nataranga, Mandya Ramesh, and others star in prominent roles and the psychological thriller hits the big screens on May 27.