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Exclusive! Ranjith Sankar on offer to helm a Bollywood film and discussions for Sunny's remake rights

The director also explains that he’s planning to direct a dual-hero thriller

Exclusive! Ranjith Sankar on offer to helm a Bollywood film and discussions for Sunny's remake rights
Ranjith Sankar and Jayasurya

Last Updated: 03.08 PM, Oct 05, 2021


Director Ranjith Sankar’s latest one-actor movie, Sunny that has Jayasurya in the lead, has opened new doors for the filmmaker. The director, who is already in talks for the remakes of Sunny that he co-produced, has also been offered a straight Bollywood movie next.

In an exclusive interview with OTTplay, Ranjith tells us there has been discussions regarding the remakes of Sunny, which released on Amazon Prime Video a few weeks ago. “Basically, a few actors are interested due to the concept of the movie, but nothing has been finalised yet. However, I don’t intend to direct the remakes because I am not interested,” says the director.

Ranjith, however, confirms that he has an offer to helm a straight Bollywood movie. “It is at a premature stage right now,” he says. “It’s an offer that came after Sunny’s release. So, that again is an out-of-the-box concept.”


On the reception that Sunny received after its OTT release, Ranjith says, “I made this as an experimental film and thought it would appeal to a select set of audience. However, it has appealed to the common man and that was a huge realisation for me. A lot of people called and said, ‘Even though there were just 5-6 people, it was good’. They actually saw that many people in the movie. So, the audience who didn’t view it as a single-actor movie also could understand and enjoy it.”

The movie also reached a lot more viewers than the team anticipated and much more than a theatrical release could guarantee, the director reveals. “So, we are happy about that,” he says.

On his next project, Ranjith says, “I actually want to make a thriller with two actors. So, I am busy with that script too. And then there’s the Bollywood film, which we are in talks with.”

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