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Exclusive! Ranjith Sankar talks about Sunny at IFFI 52 and a mass entertainer on the cards

Ranjith Sankar, who walked down the red carpet as Sunny was screened at a packed theatre at IFFI, talked about his experience at the festival, and more. 

Akshay Krishna
Nov 25, 2021
cover image

Ranjith Sankar

Ranjith Sankar’s Sunny, which had its big release on Amazon Prime Video, had a screening at the 52nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) happening at Goa, India. The movie, which was warmly accepted by a pan India audience, has already been selected at a number of film festivals around the world. We caught up with the filmmaker to talk about his experience at Goa, his expectations for Sunny and his upcoming projects. 

Sunny came out on Amazon Prime video, a leading OTT platform, so this screening being in a packed theatre, how was the whole theatre response?

First of all, I don't know what kind of a crowd was in the theatre, but they seemed to be laughing even at the slightest bit of dialogue. There was also proper silence and clapping at the end. and i think that was an experience.e there was silence and applause at the end. I think a section of the crowd was Malayali and had already seen the movie. I think this was a real experience. 

Talking about OTT, there have been five leading OTT platforms collaborating with the festival. What do you think the impact of OTT’s with Film Festivals will have in the future?

I think OTTs have grown so much in a way that even festivals cant ignore it.There was a time when Netflix was not allowed to Film Festival around the world, just quoting an example. Now there is a time when OTT platforms can be sponsors. They both have to emerge in such a way that OTTs can even premiere their movies at festivals, like it is happening right now, with The Power of Dog getting a premiere at this IFFI. 

How has your whole experience been at Goa and the festival?

There are questions like, what is the need of film festivals when everything is available online. But when I came to Goa yesterday, it was a cultural happening place. This is the first time I'm coming to watch a festival. And when i walked through the festival area, i felt fantastic.The entire culture of India has been accommodated at one pace. So it is important for a community to tave such cultural events.

Ranjith Sankar receiving memento at the 52nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI)

Sunny has been selected for a number of festivals. What are your expectations for these other festivals including IFFK (International Film Festival of Kerala)?

I was not expecting Sunny to be selected at IFFI. It was a pleasant surprise. Like, for IFFK the expectation was because it is a Malayalam festival, and has selected 14 movies. At IFFI, there are only two Malayalam movies selected. So it was a complete surprise. Even when it was released on Prime Video, I was told that the movie is a pan Indian success. Even a lot of non-Mayalayi and non-Indian viewers as well. But I have expectations for festivals, and even here at the IFFI. But let's see. 

Sunny has been selected for a variety of festivals, so can you give us an update on these festivals?

Sunny was screened at the Calella Film Festival in Spain. Then it was screened at the Dhaka International Film Festival. It is also in the Mosaic Film Festival in Canada. And there are a few more festivals. 

What are your upcoming projects and also give us a few updates?

I'm going to make a commercial film for the theatres. It's going to be a mass entertainer, but my kind of mass entertainer. So I'm just thinking about it and will have to make a call on it. But I hope that is going to be my next movie.

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