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EXCLUSIVE: Ronit Roy and I tell Vikramaditya Motwane that its high time that we make Udaan 2, says Rajat Barmecha

The actor was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay

EXCLUSIVE: Ronit Roy and I tell Vikramaditya Motwane that its high time that we make Udaan 2, says Rajat Barmecha
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 08.53 AM, May 29, 2023


Rajat Barmecha started off as a child actor in the extremely appreciated and well received film ‘Udaan’. True to the film’s title, his showbiz career also ‘took off’ from there. Hailing from a family who have no connections in the showbiz industry, Rajat has achieved everything on his own merit. His latest film ‘Kacchey Limbu’, too, has been extremely well received by the cinegoers.

OTTplay caught up with the actor for an exclusive interview.

After the unexpected superlative success of Udaan, did your career really started flying?
Both yes and no as well. If we talk about professionalism, it took me a while to figure out the industry. I think it took me like at least a year and a half to two years to just get the basic understanding of how the industry functions. Iam the first one in my family to be in films… so, it kind of took me a while. And, then there was a journey, which happened. Even though professionally it wasn't that fulfilling but then personally, I think it has really taught me a lot. I think if you also asked me if I would want it to be this way, then, I think I'm glad it happened it like this, because I feel there is a timing for everything and it happens for the good.

Post ‘Udaan’… you went onto do a cameo in ‘Shaitan’?
I did. Luckily, the work wasn't a problem. And that I think, that it was also a blessing for me, because, financially I was still stable enough that I could still wait it out and wait to choose the right project for me.

How was the feeling when ‘The Finished Line’ went on to get the National Award?
It was crazy. I wasn't expecting that it. It was a very spontaneous call for me to do that short film. Akshay Roy (the director of ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’) had directed this film. Akshay just approached me and narrated me the script. I read it, and I found it very interesting. I just did the film as practice, to be very honest with you. I took it as a good learning experience. And then, when we got to know that the film has won a National Award, all of us felt really awesome.

What’s the status of the Udaan’s second instalment/ sequel?
(laughs) That’s one question which me and Ronit Roy always tell Vikram (Vikramaditya Motwane) that its high time that we make ‘Udaan 2’.

In a nutshell, how would you like to describe your entire showbiz journey from start till date?
I think, in a nutshell, it's been a very fulfilling journey, because it has taught me what if, had it not been this way…I would have never learned this in life. I think it was just meant to teach me a lot which I needed to learn before success can come to me. Let me repeat that, it's been a very, very fulfilling journey. Touch wood!

Let’s talk about your latest film ‘Kacchey Limbu’. What made you say yes to the film?
Firstly, when I read the script, I really, really connected. I have a sister in real life. So, I felt extremely connected with the script. Also, at the same time, Nihan and who's the producer of the film, is a very good friend of mine. That’s how I got the film. I felt that my character in the film is completely opposite to who I am in real life. So, I felt it would be a very interesting and challenging for me to pull this off. Because I'm nowhere close to being what Aakash is. And, I think as an actor, that really excited me when I have to really work on a character.

The had got premiered at the prestigious ‘Toronto International Film Festival’ (TIFF). How was everyone's reaction?
That again was a was a big surprise. We were not expecting that. Same thing happened in ‘Udaan’ as well. The only difference between back then and now, is that I didn't know what a film festival is and how big a deal it is to be in a film festival. But now, I knew exactly what TIFF is. For me, it was a journey full circle. Everyone liked the film. We had a great time at TIFF.

Is it true that you are 34 years old? And does being forever young act as a barrier in you bagging in serial projects?
That’s true. Somewhere, that image does get formed. It’s more about looking young, I have a softer face. Say for example, we all know Aparshakti Khurana as the typical Punjabi guy. But, when you see Jubilee, he has surprised everyone in the role of a Bengali guy. Vikramaditya Motwane looked at him and saying he can be my lead in the show. I think it's just about someone seeing that side of you and being able to cash on that part. I don't take it as a negative, I take it as a positive. In my latest film ‘Kacchey Limbu’, you will see a completely different side of me. I look so much mature vis a vis what people have seen me so far.

Do you have any inclinations towards going behind the camera?
No, not as of now, for sure. At some point, I want to produce. But then, that's going to happen eventually because I really like that part of it. But then, not right now.

The entire film ‘Kacchey Limbu’ can be summed up in one line, which also happens to be the masterstroke dialogue of the film: Jo kabhi nai kiya, usey karne ke liye vohi karna padhta hain jo kabhi nahi kiya’. Does that apply to you in real life as well?
I live my life only like that. I don't think too much. I don't plan too much. I am someone who believes strongly believes that, if I die tomorrow, I don't want even one thing that I feel that I wish I'd done that. I live for the moment and live life king-size. Do exactly what your heart wants you to do. Don't overthink.

What’s next on your plate?
I haven’t signed anything as of now. I have just read a few scripts. Whatever happens, will surely happen soon. I don’t want to rush into things.