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Exclusive! Sunny Hinduja: If there are lacs of people, I want to win millions of hearts

Sunny Hinduja was last seen as the lead antagonist in Shehzada.

Exclusive! Sunny Hinduja: If there are lacs of people, I want to win millions of hearts

Sunny Hinduja

Last Updated: 09.01 PM, Mar 11, 2023


Sunny Hinduja, best known for his role as Sunny bhaiyya in Aspirants, recently took a huge step in Bollywood. He was seen as the lead antagonist in Kartik Aaryan’s Shehzada. The actor feels it is his first step in the industry and there’s a lot more to conquer. He talks to OTTplay about his aspirations and more.

Excerpts from the interview…

In a way, you started your acting career pretty late and got fame even later. Was it tough to crack the nut called B-Town or were they welcoming instantly?

I was not looking to crack anything. My only plan was that this is something I want to do all my life, wherever I reach or don't reach with this but I want breathe my last on a film set, as an actor. That is what I hoped for and got a lot more. For me, it's a bonus and so, I'm very happy and enjoying my profession. I understand that millions of people want to be in my position and so, I want to respect where I am because I feel blessed and that probably I am meant to do this. So I just want to be grateful, do good work, keep entertaining people and do my best.

From playing powerful but smaller roles to being the lead antagonist in Shehzada, what has that journey been like?

It's been a great journey, which came with a lot of learning. I also want to focus in terms of my journey and how I should go about things. I want to have fun on the journey rather than stress about where I want to reach but yes, everybody wants to grow, as a person and actor. Acting for me is very spiritual. So, the better I get as a person, the better I get as an actor. It is often said, right? You can easily be a character if you understand yourself and others better. That's all I want because it is a stage where you can mould yourself. There are times when people refuse to even mould themselves but I am open to it. I truly believe in giving my 100% to everything. I'm very happy and grateful but it doesn't mean that I want to be stuck here. I definitely want to grow and reach greater heights. If there are lacs, I want to win million hearts, all over the world. Love grows when you share it. The more the people, it will be fun to grow with them as much. I believe in that.

What was the one thing you learnt from Shehzada?

I learnt that patience is the key. Not just in terms of time. It was very time-consuming and there was never a surety because we would shoot for it and then stop. The preparation for it - building my body - took a lot of time. When I went for shooting, though, maybe it was divine intervention but things were set from the day I went on sets. I learnt to keep working, have patience and believe in myself.

Has this become your mantra now?

Yeah, definitely. Big time. I keep gathering my mantras. It keeps changing but I keep adding to my mantras.

How did you approach the role? It appears more commercial and required a lot of action. Did you have to get some special training for it?

I was preparing for the role since seventh standard. It was these films that I grew up watching and that made me certain that I want to become an actor. That was my initial truth. I keep going back to that - remembering why I started my journey and why I need to keep going. If you remember that, your decisions become very easy. Aaj villain hai, kal hero bhi bann jaayenge. It's a step, no? So, yeah. That preparation started much before. I'm on the right route, so I'm glad and happy.

We have some really memorable villains too in Bollywood so I agree, it surely is a step.

Yes, of course. Shah Rukh Khan recently said, "John is a villain and I did Baazigar but we aren't bad people. We just want to entertain people." I believe in that very much.

Working with Manoj Bajpayee and now Kartik Aaryan, tell me what has your experience been like with them. Are they different people on sets? If yes, how?

Manoj sir is somebody I've been looking up to ever since I understood acting. Even my batchmates from FTII look up to him. He is still my idol. So, working with him was a completely different ballgame. Then interacting with him, knowing his personality, my respect and love grew fourfold. He takes care of you like a younger brother. He takes people along with him, not just on sets but also in life. He's now family but not just a co-actor. It is all his love. He allowed me to be a part of it. He is a personality of stature, personality and craft. So, spending time with him itself is precious. Him opening up his arms and letting us in his life is a blessing.

Is he one of the first people you text when something happens in life?

Yes, one of them. However, my wife always come first. She's like an anchor for me. I get a perspective from her. She sees it. Females are more intelligent and matured. So, I bow my head down to all women. If even one of them is close to you, then mashallah.

What about Kartik?

He's like an inspiration. He's also somebody who made it. He kept doing films. He has this unyeilding desire, which I take from him. He's so humble, grounded and respects everybody. That's what we need in life anyway, right?

While you play the antagonist in Shehzada, was there anything you and Kartik bonded on, on sets?

We interacted and he congratulated me. It's just a start for me. It prepared me to go to the next level. I learned from people around me.

We've both stayed in a hostel. So the hostel life and football talks happen. Of course, we bonded a lot because he felt like a brother on sets.

Kartik had made a statement after Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 - that he's scared of being written off if he gives a flop. Do you also fear that?

This fear I keep with myself. I should not write myself off. That is big for me because I need to go on sets, enjoy and see if I enjoyed it or not. If I did that, I'm happy. I'll take somebody's criticism and see if I can change that, then I will. No, I don't think I'll get affected as much.

You have become one of the most bankable actors thanks to Aspirants. Firstly, did it seem possible while working on and after Aspirants released?

Thank you. I hope my accountant also says I'm bankable (laughs).

No, I didn't think like that at all. I saw it as a role. It was a very well-written role. There was a lot of emotion and honesty. My only aim was to give it my best shot. You never know what will happen in life ahead, right? You prepare and then imagine that you will work in a certain film but that doesn't happen sometimes. That's not in your hands. It is in your hands to do that role so brilliantly that success khud tumhaare peeche aa jaaye (3 Idiots style).

Tell me about life post Aspirants. Was it pressurizing to keep up to the standard set by you?

When we talk about responsibility, most people feel it is a burden. I don't see it like that. I see it as an added feather to my cap. Till now, I only had a few people in my family - my close ones who were watching me and looking up to me. They would praise me but now the number of people has become big. My heart has expanded and that has given me the inspiration and motivation that I need to do better now. It's not tension for me but a proud moment and an assertion that I have people for me. That's not pressure but love for me. It is that love that will guide me to do better things in life and perform in a better way. That's how I take things.

Is that what motivates you to get out of bed everyday?

Yeah, yeah. It actually comes from my mom, touchwood. She's a very positive person. She also believes in the power of manifestation. My dad, on the other hand, is determined and hardworking. So, I got those qualities from my parents.

What is the update on Aspirants season 2?

It is going to release for sure, this year. I will reveal when and where the next time. There is going to be another surprise, which you have to wait and watch.

What are your upcoming projects?

Railway Men from YRF. It's about Bhopal Gas Tragedy. There is one more project which I cannot name.

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