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Exclusive: There has to be a spark in your eyes when you come up with jokes, says Rahul Subramanian

The 'standup superstar' is now all set to have his own 'crowdwork special' coming up on 'Prime Video' 

Exclusive: There has to be a spark in your eyes when you come up with jokes, says Rahul Subramanian
Pic Courtesy: Official Instagram Account of Rahul Subramanian

Last Updated: 04.51 PM, Mar 29, 2023


Whenever you utter the term ‘stand up’ there are a few names and faces which pops up immediately in the minds, who, by today, have becomes extremely synonymous with the term. The inimitable Rahul Subramanian is one amongst them. Not just born with a gift of the gab, he is blesses with an ‘impromptu gift of the gab’. Even though he calls a spade a spade, there is a typical manner which he adopts that is loved by everyone alike.

The very Rahul Subramanian is now all set to storm into your entertainment space with his upcoming show ‘Rahul Talks To People’, which will be premiered on Prime Video. Here’s presenting an exclusive interview with none other than Rahul Subramanian… the man and his magic!


To begin with… heartiest congrats on your new series ‘Rahul Talks To People’. Tell us how did this show happen?
This show was finalized around 2019 I think. After my first show ‘Kal Main Udega’ went on Amazon Prime, Amazon had approached me for a new special (show). And then at that point of time, I just started doing one hour crowdwork shows. I had stopped doing my new stand-ups and started doing crowdwork shows. Amazon Prime said that they wanted to sign me up for a new stand-up. When I told them that, I wanted to do a crowdwork show, they were extremely kind enough to back me up and said that, “If you thought that crowdwork will work, then, we are game, even though we have no idea as to how you're going to pull it off or what you want to do. But, if you believe…then, let's do it. And that's how it started.

Awesome! Okay, so how different is ‘Rahul Talks To People’ from your other series?
Completely different! It's completely crowd work. It's completely spontaneous. You will see the real me It may or may not. You will see a very raw me, you will see. You'll see. Unlike a scripted art form, you'll see me come up with jokes or come up with conversation, funny conversations on the go. And I think crowd work audiences are very, very generous audience. The difference here is that, in such shows the audiences too are a ‘part’ of it. The audiences are tensed and nervous at the same time.

How was your transformation from being the ‘Harry Potter and the Chembur Of Secrets’ to an international celebrity?
What are you saying man… I not an international celebrity man! (laughs). Trust me that, the going has been very good. And I can't tell you how satisfying and amazing it is. The best part is I'm doing what I am enjoying. Every day I wake up and feel happy about where have I reached. I am doing it now and I am enjoying and there are people who would want to come and watch my show. That’s the best part.

So the whole series of ‘Rahul Talks To Biswa’ has been directed by Biswa Kalyan Rath, who himself is a ‘baap’ of content creation and stand ups. Was there any conflicts of interest/s since both of you ‘hail’ from the same ‘background’?
Trust me… getting Biswa on board was the best decision. Let me correct myself… I wanted him to come and he obliged. To answer your question, there was absolutely no clash of interest. Before starting the show, it was decided very clearly that, the show will have only one director as we can't have two directors. I told Biswa that, let him take all the calls and that I just want to go on stage and be funny as I don't have to worry about anything. That’s why there was no conflict. I feel that, once you once you accept that in your head, there will be no problem of clash of interest at all. At the same time, we also knew that, there will be times when there will be difference of opinions, but, that will be in the form of healthy discussion. But, the final decision lies with the director.

Go on…
When I am doing crowdwork, I can't think of hundreds of other things as I need to be completely focused and in the moment when I am on stage. That’s why I needed someone whose comedy can be trusted with total faith. And Biswa is that person! I don’t know if it was fun for Biswa… but I had lot of fun working in this series!

What, in your opinion, are the prerequisites in today's times of being a stand up?
Basically, you have to like jokes. These are the jokes of all kinds and in every situation. You have to be excited finding funny stuff. There has to be a spark in your eyes when you come up with jokes. You will face failure every day. And once you are okay with that, failure doesn't seem failure anymore. It seems like something fun or part of life. As long as you have these two… you are there! Most importantly, it’s very volatile. If today, you are on the top... then, tomorrow, someone else will be on the top. And trust me… Iam not even kidding when I'm saying today and tomorrow as that’s how it will be fine.

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