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Exclusive! Why hasn't Shaakuntalam actor Kabir Duhan Singh done a Bollywood film yet?

The actor, who is popular in the South Indian film industry, says it's never easy to say no to Bollywood films, but choosing the right one is important

Exclusive! Why hasn't Shaakuntalam actor Kabir Duhan Singh done a Bollywood film yet?
Kabir Duhan Singh

Last Updated: 10.02 PM, Apr 26, 2023


Despite being a Hindi-speaking North Indian actor, Kabir Duhan Singh has been working in the South Indian film industry since 2015. He has starred in some successful films but has not worked in Bollywood films yet.

The actor was recently seen in the Samantha-starrer Shaakuntalam, in which he played the character of King Asura. In a conversation with OTTplay, he revealed his strategy for signing a Bollywood film.

Kabir told OTTplay, "It's not easy to say no to a Bollywood film because I get several offers as the second lead, the friend of the male protagonist, the antagonist, small characters, one action sequence, etc. But I believe that it is important to choose the right film, especially after building my name in the South Indian film industry. When I started acting in South Indian films, I didn't know the language, but I did a film called Jil in Telugu in which my character was appreciated. After that, I was asked to give an audition and then sign multiple films. At that point in time, I wanted to work and face the camera every day to develop confidence. So, I do not want the tag of "character actor", which happens often in Bollywood. People tend to get stereotyped easily."

The actor also revealed that he had signed a Hindi film but could not talk elaborately about it. He shared how he dealt with the awkward moments of refusing to do a small part in a big film that was offered by a big film production house.

"I was asked how I could say 'no' to 'them'. I do not want to name anyone, but many eyebrows were raised. I simply explained to them that I have seen myself on a 70-mm screen and I have a certain amount of confidence. When I do a Hindi film, which is a language that I am comfortable in, I want to get the best character because it is going to be special for me. For me, doing a Hindi film is not about wanting to see myself on the big screen, because I have already done that. For me, it is about getting the opportunity to perform. There is so much exchange happening between South Indian and Hindi films that I can confidently say that good projects are coming my way," added Kabir.

Shaakuntalam, directed by National Award-winning film director Gunasekhar, also stars Kabir Bedi, Sachin Khedekar, Prakash Raj, Madhoo, Gautami, and Jisshu Sengupta.

The film is currently playing in theatres.-

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