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Fans demand MunAra music video, get Munawar Faruqui-Mannara Chopra's hug moment post Bigg Boss 17 instead

So, is Munawar Faruqui-Mannara Chopra music video happening? Find out

Fans demand MunAra music video, get Munawar Faruqui-Mannara Chopra's hug moment post Bigg Boss 17 instead
Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra

Last Updated: 02.01 PM, Feb 08, 2024


MunAra fans are constantly demanding that Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra should work in a music video. Munawar had not responded to the same even now. However, he did give the fans another moment to cherish. This time, it was the MunAra hug. The moment happened at the Bigg Boss 17 reunion party and it was perfect for the fans, for more reasons than only MunAra. They found a moment between Mannara and Munawar’s BFF as well.

The MunAra moment

Munawar and Mannara shared a warm hug. She was seen in her red dress, which she claimed was for her valentine. While Munawar gave Mannara a warm embrace, Jigna Vora was also seen enjoying the party in the same frame. And the moment was not limited to that. Mannara gave Munawar another hug before leaving. The actress did not do the same to her music video co-star Abhishek Kumar and he mocked her for it. Ignoring him, she waved everyone present goodbye and left.

Mannara and Munawar’s BFF

Fans took notice of the bond between Mannara and Munawar’s BFF Sadaqat. They felt sad that she bid him goodbye with a smile. He greeted her back with a nod and smile.

Is the MunAra music video happening?

Abhishek, who will be seen with Mannara in their first music video, Saanware. The two are also the first Bigg Boss 17 contestants to do a video together. It was not always supposed to be that way though. During their time in the house, Abhishek asked Munawar and Mannara to do a music video together. He even asked Vicky Jain to merge on the project. That has still not happened. Instead, Abhishek and Mannara got together for their music video. Recently, when Munawar was asked about the music video, he once again dodged the question. We guess MunAra fans will have to wait a little longer for this collaboration to finally work out.

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