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Femen: Naked War makes for an engaging watch, here's why you should watch the documentary on women's rights

The 52-minute documentary about the 2012 Ukrainian feminist movement delves into gender issues. It is available to be streamed on DocuBay and OTTplay Premium

Femen: Naked War makes for an engaging watch, here's why you should watch the documentary on women's rights

Femen: Naked War

Last Updated: 07.53 PM, Apr 24, 2024


After working on it for almost a year, director Joseph Paris has accessed hidden details about the Ukrainian feminist movement, Femen, that took place in 2012. His documentary, Femen: Naked War, chronicles the shocking protests and confrontations. The film delves deep into capturing the sounds, sights, and slogans during the movement. Paris also explored the circumstances that fueled women to protest by taking to the streets naked. However, the core reason for the movement remains unresolved.

Intrigued enough to explore the documentary? Here's everything you need to know about Femen: Naked War on DocuBay and OTTplay Premium:

Everything you need to know about Femen: Naked War

What is Femen?

Femen is an activist group that is widely known for topless protests against numerous gender issues. Founded in Ukraine in 2008, the Femen movement focuses on sex tourism, poverty, patriarchy, domestic violence, equality, etc. Although their prime focus was on women’s rights in Ukraine, the movement later shifted to Paris, taking a global turn. Femen has repeatedly been criticised for flaunting women's bare bodies on streets and the group was called 'Sextremists'.

Protests against 'womenphobia'

When Femen took their protest to a Muslim conference in Paris, it received global attention. The documentary captured some shots of those women, who scribbled on their bare-chests, “Nobody makes me submit.” The protest was against Muslim community’s extreme torture on women, and putting uncountable bars on them. According to Femen, Muslims have a phobia of women.

Protest against Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship

Femen took their protest to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conference in Germany. In 2013, 4 topless activists caused a huge stir during an exhibition in Germany. They were seen shouting slogans against Putin and condemning him for being a dictator.

A protest against homophobia

Femen also protested the Catholics’ hard-hitting approach towards homosexuality. It composed a possession in France, which 1.5 lakh protestors attended to legalise same-sex marriage in the nation. The activists were topless and had “In gay, we trust” written on their bodies.

Femen: Naked War review

While some slammed Femen for the slow pace of its progress, if any, others have spoken highly about the movement. Those who have watched Joseph Paris' documentary have called it a beautiful, touching and frustrating documentary that highlights the international women's movement. The animation stands out in the documentary, as viewers feel that it gives meaning to it and exposes the flak that the movement has received.

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