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First Act trailer - Prime Video's docuseries sheds light on the reality of child actors' lives

The documentary series explores dreams and challenges by taking viewers inside the lives of child artists in the Hindi TV and film industry.

First Act trailer - Prime Video's docuseries sheds light on the reality of child actors' lives
Sarika in First Act trailer

Last Updated: 03.08 PM, Dec 13, 2023


The trailer for First Act, an original documentary series, was released today. The Prime Video series follows the lives of parents and children who work in the Hindi film and television business. This unscripted, six-part series chronicles the emotional and professional lives of six child artists. Insights from parents, casting directors, filmmakers, seasoned actors who started out as children, older child actors, and others provide a holistic view of the topic, complementing the accounts of the important child artists.

Key features of First Act documentary series:

MalaKan Motion Pictures will premiere Deepa Bhatia's First Act on Prime Video on December 15, featuring creative producer Amole Gupte. The series will be available in Hindi with English subtitles.

Check out the trailer below:


Trailer overview and featured personalities

The trailer for First Act gives an idea of what it's like for young artists to follow their passions and overcome obstacles while being true to their families' and their own hopes and desires. Sarika, Jugal Hansraj, Darsheel Safary, and Parzaan Dastur are just a few of the well-known artists and actors who got their starts as children. Their stories are featured here as well. The documentary series also has interviews with notable casting directors, including Tess Joseph, Honey Trehan, and Mukesh Chhabra, as well as renowned filmmakers Shoojit Sircar and Amole Gupte, who have collaborated extensively with child artists.

Amaal Mallik composed the soundtrack and score for the documentary series. The series shows how different people's stories intersect to show how the industry and the parents of these musicians should put kids first and fight for a healthy, balanced childhood.

Anticipation for impact and audience appeal

Earlier in a statement, Deepa Bhatia stated, "This was a project that had been sitting with me on the back burner for some time. Child actors are an integral part of the Indian film and television industry, and many beautiful stories would not be as impactful without them. However, these artists face a unique set of challenges that I felt needed to be shared. I am so delighted that professionals who started their careers as child actors have come forward to support this project, in addition to the stalwarts. I feel it will be of special interest to parents, educators, and filmmakers to see this documentary and understand the challenges faced by child actors so that they can step in and make things better where they can. I am looking forward to seeing the impact that this documentary series will create as it reaches global audiences with Prime Video."

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