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Flames back with season 4: Ritvik Sahore-Tanya Maniktala’s series to come to an end with pain and sweet memories?

Flames is back with season 4 and a lot of memories featuring Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala

Flames back with season 4: Ritvik Sahore-Tanya Maniktala’s series to come to an end with pain and sweet memories?
Flames 4 - Ritvik Sahore, Tanya Maniktala

Last Updated: 09.03 PM, Dec 18, 2023


Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala’s Flames is back with its fourth season. The series, it appears, could come to an end this time around. It is likely to leave us all with pain and sweet memories or at least that’s what the trailer of the show hints at. This time too, Ritvik’s Rajat faces a different kind of pain.

What is the hurdle in Rajat and Ishita’s relationship this time?

Flames season 4 will talk about couples in a long distance relationship. Many series have focused on this topic and the most memorable of the lot is SonyLIV’s College Romance but Flames caters to a different audience. It is about Rajat’s pain throughout his sweet and innocent relationship with Ishita.


Rajat feels blindsided

Ishita has once again broken Rajat’s heart by leaving him blindsided. She kept the news of her admission and relocation from Delhi to Mumbai a secret from her boyfriend, Rajat. When she does inform him, it is exactly that, informing. He, being her partner, hoped she discussed the idea of moving to a different city before actually doing so. This especially hurts him because he had plans with his girlfriend and they involved them staying in Delhi.

The memories dialogue

One dialogue which is stuck with people after watching Flames season 4 trailer is the memory dialogue. Ishita is heard saying, “Memories ke saath na ek bahut badi problem hoti hai. Acchi memories humein yaad karni padti hai aur buri memories apne aap yaad aa jaate hai.” This dialogue has resonated with many and they cannot help but share how the situation feels relatable.

What about Pandu and Anushka?

The trailer begins with Rajat talking to his yaar, Pandu. The two discuss about cuddles. Pandu asks Rajat what is the flavour of Ishita’s lips (yeah, not very sophisticated, we know, but ignoring that, the clip gets better). Pandu discusses he cuddled his girlfriend Anushka (she is still missing from the trailer) and Rajat being his innocent self tries to understand what that means. He also does his own version of the sweet act. All of this, only for the distance to separate the much-loved couple, Rajat and Ishita. With that, it looks like the series will also leave us with some pain and many sweet memories.

Flames season 4 will release on Amazon MiniTV on December 21.

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