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Flames Season 4- plot, recap, trailer and more

As the premiere of Season 4 of Flames approaches, the new trailer offers a fleeting glimpse into the chaos that comes along with growing up and losing friends and crushes.

Flames Season 4- plot, recap, trailer and more
Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala as Rajat and Ishita in Flames

Last Updated: 03.48 AM, Dec 20, 2023


Since its debut in 2018, Flames has been one of The Viral Fever’s longest running shows, with four seasons now under its belt. The innocent bildungsroman followed the antics of Indian teens and their high school friendships and relationships, that develop at a tuition center. Season 4 of Flames will be released on December 21, 2023. The show will stream on its long-time home Prime Video.

Flames follows the blooming relationship between Rajat and Ishita, as well as their respective relationships with their family, friends, and studies. A sweet take on the school life romances and friendships that one cherishes throughout their life, be it as a reality or a memory, the series has garnered a lot of love and anticipation among viewers, especially after Prime dropped the Season 4 trailer on December 18, 2023.


Starring Ritvik Sahore as Rajat or Rajjo, and Tanya Maniktala as Ishita, Season 3 of Flames had ended on a note of reconciliation and hope. After all the confusion regarding Ishita’s friend Batri, her personal insecurities regarding Rajat, as well as the stress of their 12th Board exams, the duo decide to talk things out and give their relationship another chance. Also, we saw Sunshine Tuition Center face the risk of a shut down due to several factors, not limited to Kaushal sir's heart attack.

The trailer of season 4 of Flames opens on the ‘cuddle’ premise, an adorable take on the American trend of crossing ‘bases’ in a physical relationship. It moves on to the improved bond between Rajat and Ishita since last season, where the two enjoy and explore the unknown waters of a romantic relationship, without necessarily hiding from either set of parents.

However, trouble can rarely be far behind, especially with the 12th graders having to make future plans before it's too late. And that is how it sneaks into the lovers’ paradise. While Ishita is going to shift to Mumbai with her father after school, Rajat dreams of ganging it up with all his friends at Delhi University, momos and all.

This not only shakes their newly blossoming relationship, but also impacts their friendships with other people, as well as their mental health. As explained by Ishita’s father last season, no matter how much we love or trust people, they might leave. But if that stops one from opening up and loving again, then life will be very lonely indeed!

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