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Flashback Friday: Zeenat Aman walks down memory lane and shares ‘radiance of youth’

The legendary actress Zeenat Aman took to social media and shared an extremely memorable photograph of hers

Flashback Friday: Zeenat Aman walks down memory lane and shares ‘radiance of youth’
PC: Instagram

Last Updated: 10.09 AM, Aug 18, 2023


Even though the legendary actress Zeenat Aman is not seen much in mainstream commercial films these days, that hasn’t mellowed her enthusiasm even a bit. Thanks to social media, this evergreen actress is in constant touch with her fans and followers. For all those who want their regular dose of nostalgia, then, let us tell you, that Zeenat Aman’s social media account is nothing less than a priceless treasure trove. The ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ actress always has something or the other from her album that unfailingly presses the nostalgia button in everyone.

Zeenat Aman’s latest post on social media is again, worth its weight in gold. The actress has posted her (priceless) photograph in which she can be seen in a feather cap and a white sweater type jacket. How can anyone miss the unmistakable youthful glow that has always been the trademark of Zeenat Aman.

The actress captioned the photograph post stating, “A titbit from a makeup room many years ago. I won’t mention the time or place because it will stoke unwanted speculation, but I can share that I was in the radiance of youth. We had wrapped for the day, and I had returned to my tiny makeup room. Along with the usual clutter of Max Factor tubes and jars, I found a sizeable ribboned box on my table. The card simply bore my name, with no clue as to the sender”.

She continued, “My curiosity was piqued. I unlaced the bow and opened the box to find another smaller box within it, and then yet another and another and another, all nested like Russian dolls. The last box had some weight to it. I popped it open and in it lay a tennis ball like some oversized neon pearl. Stuck to it was a handwritten note - the ball’s in your court. Who doesn’t enjoy charm and a grand gesture? Though I unfortunately didn’t give the sender the pleasure of my company on a date, I was plenty tickled and flattered by his creativity!”

She ended the post with, “Your turn. Share a grand gesture that you’ve received in the comments”.

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