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Freddy Daruwala’s near-to-death experience while shooting for the web series ‘Crackdown S2’

The actor fell from 35 feet into freezing cold water from the bridge

Freddy Daruwala’s near-to-death experience while shooting for the web series ‘Crackdown S2’
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 10.57 AM, Jun 02, 2023


Actor Freddy Daruwala, who is majorly known for his action-packed roles and performances, had a near-to-death experience while performing a stunt on one of his latest projects in Kashmir. While shooting for the web series ‘Crackdown S2’, there was a stunt Freddy had to perform on a bridge. The actor had to do a pull up under a bridge while a drone shot was to capture it all. Despite the fact that the series’ director Apoorva Lakhia had planned it for a studio shoot understanding the risk involved, but Freddy insisted he does it in real time and on live locations.

As for the external climate, it nail-biting winter at its peak which was doubled with minus temperature in Kashmir. If that wasn’t enough, even the water was freezing cold when Freddy started performing the stunt… bare chested! And, by the time Freddy finished with his shoot, unfortunately, by then, his hands were frozen. Adding to the woes, a slight delay in lifting him up resulted the actor falling from 35 feet in the freezing cold water. No doubt, he sustained injuries on his back, legs and shoulders. The entire set was in shock but when Freddy came walking out of the water unhurt, much to the surprise of the crew. The director immediately called off the shoot and was concerned over his situation but Freddy resumed the shoot the very next day being a professional actor.

Recalling the incident, Freddy reveals, “I should have been more careful. I remember director (Apoorva Lakhia) informing me about us having all the possibilities and safety harness to execute the scene. But I insisted of doing it on my own but the end result didn’t turn out to be the way it should have been and as per my and Apoorva sir’s expectations. It was more risky because it wasn’t the last day of the shoot and if I was hurt, the shoot would have got stalled. But luckily nothing of that sort happened and I continued shooting.”

The actor continued, “Next day, I faced a lot of difficulties with severe back injuries. A few things I learnt from the incident that I am an actor and not a stunt man but sometimes an actor gets carried away in the name of realism and to give audiences realistic experience. But sometimes we forget that there are a lot of people associated with us and working with us for a project which can go haywire if any unfortunate incident happen on the set. Going ahead, I will ensure that I will play it safe so that I don’t hurt myself and secondly it doesn’t hamper the shoot schedule,” adds Freddy.