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French Girl trailer – This saucy, feel-good romantic comedy has a refreshing bisexual love triangle

French Girl is a fun take on the clash between English and French-Canadian culture. It offers a fresh perspective on the love triangle trope by posing a successful, sexy woman as the competitor.

French Girl trailer – This saucy, feel-good romantic comedy has a refreshing bisexual love triangle
The poster of French Girl

Last Updated: 12.56 PM, Feb 17, 2024


Co-written and co-directed by Canadian actors turned filmmakers James A. Woods and Nicholas Wright, French Girl is an entertaining and heartwarming romantic comedy with a talented cast and a fun premise. Produced by Valérie d’Auteuil and André Roleau, the film will enjoy a theatrical release first before releasing on VOD. 

Release date and trailer of French Girl

French Girl is releasing in theatres on March 15, 2024, before dropping on VOD on March 19, 2024. Paramount has dropped the trailer for French Girl and it is two minutes of sheer fun and awkwardness with a sense of relatable envy. After all, who can bear competing for their lady love’s affections with the epitome of perfection?  


Contents of the trailer and plot of French Girl

French Girl follows the epic love story of Gordon, a sweet, unassuming, hopeless romantic who is an English teacher in Brooklyn. He has hit the jackpot in life. He has fallen for “The One”, a stunning French-Canadian woman named Sophie, portrayed by the impeccable Vanessa Hudgens, who is a celebrity chef. As they fall for each other harder, Gordon decides to pop the question. But before he gets a chance, Sophie gets a special interview to be an executive chef back in her Quebec City hometown.

Determined to not lose her, Gordon travels there as well and realises he is way out of depth in a place that mostly speaks French, as well as his girlfriend’s French-speaking family, which are tough nuts to crack and impress. The trailer shows how, when asked if he is a Rangers fan, since he is from New York, Gordon replies that he does not take much interest in hockey (another wrong answer) and prefers figure skating instead, especially its costumes.  

His answer resulted in the silent clinking of cutlery and exchanged scornful glances. And then comes the bomb. While Gordon is trying to tutor Sophie’s younger brother and attempting to chop a lamb with his potential father-in-law, Sophie is acing the interview. While leafing through an album, Gordon comes to know that the lady, Ruby, who called Sophie over for the interview, is in fact her ex-"orgasm buddy,” as the photograph’s caption suggests.  

Now it is up to Gordon to ensure Sophie does not say yes to the “other side” (aka women instead of men). But that is going to be pretty difficult for him since his hands are already juggling proposals, impressing the family, and competing with a picture-perfect celebrity chef who can host soirees as well as sing.

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