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Friends reunion: 7 questions we need answered in the special episode

A few questions about the show have plagued fans for the last 17 years and it’s time we got some answers

Harshita Alok Sharma
May 23, 2021
cover image

Friends has consistently topped the charts by being one of the most memorable and iconic shows all across the globe. The show has been dubbed in every language possible, popular dialogues have been printed on merchandise of all kinds, and sales for cans of purple paint are probably still surging among fans. Seventeen years after the show ended, the showrunners have decided to make fans happy by announcing a reunion episode that is scheduled to release on HBO Max on May 27.

If you’ve been on a re-run frenzy since you can remember, you’ve come to the right place to revisit some Friends trivia before the reunion airs. We have explored every possible corner of what Friends: The Reunion holds for us, but what about unanswered questions from the original series that we need conclusions to?

Here is a list of questions about the characters and their relationships that we are dying to get answers to in the reunion episode:

Will Ben and Emma ever meet?

Emma with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ben with Ross (David Schwimmer)

Even the most loyal Friends fans have agreed that Ross may not have been the most attentive father to Ben. With Emma’s arrival, the plot shifted towards Ross’ duties as a father to his daughter, while Ben completely exited the narrative. Abruptly, there were no more playdates, no more weekends-at-dad’s and no more fawning over Ben. It is also peculiar that the half-siblings never met on the show. Perhaps the reunion episode will either explain why this happened or provide a more comforting alternative as to what happened to the two in the future.

What is one Phoebe's criminal record?

Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) in a still from the show

We know Phoebe has had a rough childhood, but even her heart of gold can’t conceal the more than subtle references the show keeps making to her criminal record. When she first starts dating Gary the cop, he tells her that she has an interesting record that he would like to talk about. In passing, the show also leaves traces of her having stabbed a man, stolen things to survive, mugged innocent teenagers and her mother’s drug dealer being a significant influence in her life. This leads us to wonder just how dark Phoebe’s criminal record is and if Lisa Kudrow will elaborate on this in the reunion.

What does Rachel do about her job?

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in a still from the show

The last we saw of Rachel, she had quit her job in New York City and subsequently decided not to go to France in order to stay with Ross and rekindle their relationship. But what does that mean for Rach? Fans were left to wonder if she will be allowed to go back to her old job at Ralph Lauren or if she is able to strike a deal with Louis Vuitton.

What happens to Joey?

Joey (Matt LeBlanc) in a still from the show

Don’t get us wrong - we know Joey is an untethered soul who enjoys his life as a single man. But towards the end of the series, the audiences witness Joey develop more serious feelings for Rachel and then Janine. He even finds himself yearning for comfort when he sees Chandler and Monica being happy together. Though Chandler has planned to build a room for Joey in his house in the suburbs with Monica, will Joey really need it? Fans are curious to know if the ladies man has settled down or if he’s still living in the same apartment as a bachelor.

Did Ross and Rachel end up getting married (again)?

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross (David Schwimmer) in Friends

Ross has seen a fair share of weddings (and divorces) in his life, but what about his future with Rachel? Though the couple promises that they will not be messing around anymore and raise Emma together as a family, their history makes it evident that their moments of bliss are often short lived and easily forgotten. These traits have made fans contemplate if the two end up getting married after all.

How do the two married couples of the series end up?

Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) in a still from the show

Monica and Chandler move to the suburbs with their twins at the end of the series and Phoebe starts a new life with Mike. Whether Monica did become the best mom of all time like she planned or if Phoebe and Mike had children of their own is yet to be known. But as fans, we have always hoped for the best of the two couples.

Who moves into Monica’s apartment?

Monica's apartment from Friends

The iconic apartment will remain the biggest identifier of the show. In the last episode, the gang leaves their keys on the countertop and bids the house goodbye. With Chandler and Monica moving away and the rest of the gang finding their own spaces, Monica has to ultimately give up her grandmother’s rent-controlled apartment. As sad as this makes us, we are also excited to find out who ends up moving into the apartment and how they redecorate it.

Is the gang as close they were?

The main cast of Friends

Though the six friends had remained exceptionally close for years, the show left them all at the beginning of new journeys in their lives. Fans have been through all the ups and downs of the six, but the show has not provided clarity on future parts of their lives. With Chandler and Monica moving away, Rachel and Ross focusing on their relationship, and Phoebe getting married to Mike, will the six find the time to catch up just like they used to or will they eventually drift apart?

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