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From BTS to FIFTY FIFTY - In the ADOR vs HYBE battle, here's all the groups Min Hee Jin mentioned so far and why

Amidst all this, one thing remains common - Min Hee Jin taking the name of not just the group under her - NewJeans - but also other K-pop groups.

From BTS to FIFTY FIFTY - In the ADOR vs HYBE battle, here's all the groups Min Hee Jin mentioned so far and why
Min Hee Jin on BTS and FIFTY FIFTY

Last Updated: 11.54 PM, Apr 29, 2024


The drama continues to unfold as the power struggle between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin keeps coming to light. From the audit launch to the blame game and everything in between, fans of not just the groups under the label but also other K-pop fans are heavily invested to see what the outcome will be.

However, amidst all this, one thing remains common: Min Hee Jin taking the names of not just the group under her - NewJeans - but also other K-pop groups, which has not been well-received by many. In fact, in her attempt to clean her image, she has gone on to drag many other groups with no involvement of theirs. So here are the groups she has mentioned so far and why.

Here are the 10 K-Pop groups ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin has named during the HYBE feud



As per Business Insider, "Rumors circulated claiming that CEO Min Hee Jin was looking for investors to break away from HYBE. I believe she was planning on using her inseparable relationship with NewJeans to make HYBE sell their executive shares to her"

Experts from MTN Korea stated that Min Hee Jin planned to utilize NewJeans as her trump card since the members' contracts are with ADOR, not HYBE, giving her the authority to terminate it. However, it's not in Min Hee Jin's best interest to employ NewJeans as a trump card in her battle, as she stands to lose considerably.


Min Hee Jin also referenced plagiarism allegations against the newly debuted group ILLIT. This rookie girl group, under HYBE's subsidiary label BELIFT Lab, is, according to her, the catalyst for the conflict. 

Min Hee Jin voiced her concerns, accusing HYBE of prioritizing profits over originality and allowing the replication of successful cultural content without hesitation.

In her interview with Ilgan Sports, Min Hee Jin spoke about if ADOR's battle with HYBE would dissolve similarly to that of FIFTY FIFTY's conflict. "If money had been my goal, then I would have never complained to HYBE. I think HYBE is trying to frame me as someone who is trying to steal management rights. But FIFTY FIFTY’s situation has set a precedent. I would never do something so stupid," she emphasized.


On April 23, according to Yonhap News, CEO Min Hee Jin allegedly claimed that the HYBE group TWS formed and managed by Pledis Entertainment, copied NewJeans and their concept style.


She also accused her old label, SM Entertainment's new boy group RIIZE, of plagiarizing NewJeans.


Min Hee-jin has reportedly stated that HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk copied her and 'created' BTS. According to the Yonhap report, Hee-jin said that the HYBE chairman has "only come this far from copying her". Her remarks, as per the report, made it clear that she believed BTS 'copied' her.

HYBE's statement also stated that Min Hee Jin also consulted with a 'shaman' to discuss the members' military enlistments.


During a press conference on April 25, Min Hee Jin claimed that Bang PD had raised the topic of the girl group aespa and inquired whether she could 'crush/beat' them. Min Hee Jin revealed screenshots of her KakaoTalk conversation with Bang PD from 2021, wherein he said, "You can crush aespa, right? Heh." Min Hee Jin responded with a laugh, and Bang Si Hyuk replied, "Hahaha. I'm leaving it to you then (emoji). Let's have a drink soon." 


In the same press conference, Min Hee Jin also spoke about her departure from Source Music, citing changes in plans for debuting a new girl group. According to her, she was allegedly informed about a group centered around Chaewon and Sakura, a development that left her feeling frustrated.


There were also accusations that it was Min Hee Jin and HYBE that led to GFRIEND disbanding. Min Hee Jin faced allegations of departing Source Music while leaving behind trainee costs, which reportedly caused complications for the label.


During the press conference, while discussing the origins of NewJeans, Min Hee Jin went on to mention that Sakura and Chaewon's popularity could potentially position them as competitors to IVE.

"Sakura and Chaewon already had a fandom but IVE was also already doing so well that they could overlap. So Bang PD had no confidence in his new girl group. That's why he had no expectations for our team. That's why I was ousted. And thus why I created New Jeans," she said.

HYBE's CEO Park Ji Won's message:

Amidst all this, HYBE's CEO Park Ji Won addressed all the employees in a company-wide statement, which was later shared on Blind, the anonymous but verified forum for office workers. He said, "Recently, there has been much news regarding our company. I think that many of you will reasonably be confused and panicked, being a part of a company that has been leading entertainment all this while.

"Our company was the pioneer in walking the path of a multi-label firm, and we have experienced both big and small obstacles. But we have taken these as stepping stones as we overcome them, growing from them instead.

"In the midst of that, this matter has happened, and I too, feel sad about it. However, as this is a case in which we have found definitive intentions to seize the company, we have begun audits to set things straight. We have already internally reviewed some parts of the company, and through the audit, we will investigate it more, and we will be taking more definitive action against those responsible.

"I hope that you guys will not be too affected by the current content that is being reported in the media. Currently, the label responsible for this is not responding properly to the justified audit and is refusing to respond. Everything that they claim is untrue and without evidence. Currently, the issues being raised are unrelated to ILLIT’s debut period, and we have found out that all of these were pre-planned. we plan on investigating this more carefully through the audit and taking appropriate measures to deal with it.

"I must beseech you as our staff, to work hard at your job without being affected by this. The company will do its best in order not to let the IP value and work that you have worked on so far be slandered".

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