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From guns to emotions: How Dunki is Shah Rukh Khan's homecoming to heartfelt drama after Pathaan and Jawan

It's a triple treat by Shah Rukh Khan in 2023 with Pathaan, Jawan, and now Dunki.

From guns to emotions: How Dunki is Shah Rukh Khan's homecoming to heartfelt drama after Pathaan and Jawan
Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Dunki

Last Updated: 02.42 PM, Nov 02, 2023


In two films that Shah Rukh Khan had this year, Pathaan and Jawan, the superstar was pointing guns and blazing them at the enemies and fighting against the system in a stylish, violent way. But the teaser for his upcoming film, Dunki, shows him walking in an all-black Pathani look with his friends, including Taapsee Pannu, but running away from a man pointing a gun at them.

After delivering content with violent streaks, Shah Rukh desperately needed a genre change. The superstar is on a hattrick with three films in a year after a dry spell of nearly five years. SRK started the year with a bang with Pathaan, which became a record-breaking blockbuster. Soon after the release of Pathaan in January 2023, everyone hailed filmmaker Siddharth Anand for bringing back the superstar, a towering personality that was a miss on the big screen.

But Pathaan walked so that Jawan could fly.

After a wait of about seven months, Shah Rukh released his second film of the year, Jawan. And lo, behold! No one was prepared to see the unexpected storm that Atlee's film caused. With SRK in a dual role as a father and son, the people were not ready for this kind of blockbuster to be witnessed in Bollywood. With every scene being like an entry scene for the superstar, until the last frame, SRK's presence was responded to with hoots, whistles, and claps.

So what's in store for Dunki?

Well, if a man has started the year with a bang, naturally, his ending with a bang is an expected phenomenon. But that has come with a story that's high on emotion, no action, and full-on drama. Plus, the collaboration with Rajkumar Hirani, who has a track record of only delivering blockbusters, has been much-awaited for almost two decades.

It's a known fact that Hirani and SRK were first supposed to work together in Munna Bhai MBBS back in 2003. Then there was a collaboration that was supposed to happen with 3 Idiots. Well, after missing out on opportunities to work together, the actor-filmmaker duo has finally come together with Dunki.

Even with just one announcement, people have called it the biggest blockbuster of the year, surpassing Pathaan and Jawan. Now, with the Dunki Drop on his 58th birthday, the claps are unstoppable, and the expectations are still high, like they were last year.


While making the announcement, Shah Rukh wrote the simplest and most beautiful words to describe Dunki, which read, "A story of simple and real people trying to fulfil their dreams and desires. Of friendship, love, and being together... Of being in a relationship called home! A heartwarming story by a heartwarming storyteller; it’s an honour to be a part of this journey, and I hope you all come along with us. (sic)"

Dunki talks about the emotional bonds and connections that make a place feel like home. In the teaser, Shah Rukh plays Hardy, who refers to his four friends as his family and who is also in love with Taapsee Pannu's character Manu. The superstar speaks about their unshakeable bond, and we also witness it in the first scene with all of them running away together from a deserted place, which looks quite dangerous.

Dunki, like most of Hirani's works, paints a heartfelt and uplifting narrative where one celebrates the ordinary moments in life and the relationships that give them meaning.

Dunki Drop 1?

The teaser begins with a beautiful song crooned by Sonu Nigam and composed by Pritam Chakraborty, which loosely translates as "A long time ago, we left our home, but the home never left our hearts. Home dwells in every heartbeat, till the last breath departs."

Maybe Dunki is a metaphor for Shah Rukh coming back home with the genre that made him the superstar: love, family bonds, and soothing drama.

After packing a punch and breaking the fourth wall by telling people to do the right thing by questioning the government, SRK is bringing the wholesome story of an underdog who gets entrapped in the immigration cage. We have seen Shah Rukh in real life getting detained at US airports; a glimpse of the heartbreaking scenario was also seen in Karan Johar's My Name is Khan.

Bringing yet another humane story through the lenses of Rajkumar Hirani is a tick mark for fans as well as Shah Rukh Khan.

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