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From Nana Patekar, John Abraham, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan to Sunny Deol, here are 5 times when Bollywood celebrities lost their cool when fans requested them for selfies

In lieu of the recent Nana Patekar’s selfie incident, we present to you a compilation of 5 times when Bollywood celebrities had lost their cool when fans requested them for selfies

From Nana Patekar, John Abraham, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan to Sunny Deol, here are 5 times when Bollywood celebrities lost their cool when fans requested them for selfies

Last Updated: 06.16 PM, Nov 16, 2023


Since the last couple of days, a video ‘featuring’ the veteran actor Nana Patekar has been going viral. In no time, the said video had found a place in many of the social media accounts as well as innumerable mobile phones across the country. For the unversed, the said video showed Nana Patekar getting ready for a shoot for the film ‘Journey in Varanasi’. That’s when a fan comes and requests him for a selfie. Immediately after that, Nana Patekar ‘smacked’ the guy only to render an apology to everyone (including the boy) in a video message. Well, let us have a look at the various times when the celebrities have lost their cool when the fans request them for selfies!

Nana Patekar
In a video that is going viral, it is seen that the veteran actor Nana Patekar is hitting a boy from behind when he requested for a selfie with the actor. No sooner the video became viral, the film’s director Anil Sharma spoke to the media stating Nana had not hit anyone. He added that it was actually a shot from his film that they were filming in Banaras. 

Video Courtesy: Dinesh Kumar's 'X' (Twitter) account

As per the shot, Nana had to hit the boy who came near him. He further clarified that the crowd gathered there recorded it on their mobile cameras and then leaked the shot of the film and because of that, Nana was being projected as a negative and rude actor on social media, which was completely wrong.On the other hand, Nana Patekar spoke to ANI stating that though this sequence was a part of their film, they had one rehearsal and were scheduled to have a second rehearsal. He added that the director told him to begin and that when they were about to begin, the boy in the video came in and since he didn't know who he was, he (Nana Patekar) thought he was one of his crew, he slapped him as per the scene and told him to leave. 

Nana added that, it was only later that he came to know that he was not a part of the crew and that’s why he was going to call him back but he had run away. The veteran actor also said that he had never said no to anybody for a photo and that the aforementioned incident happened by mistake. Saying this, Nana Patekar sought forgiveness if there was some misunderstanding. He added that he would never do anything like that.

Sunny Deol
This incident had happened just a few months back. Sunny Deol, who was ruling the box office with his mammoth hit Gadar 2, was spotted at the airport. Seeing his favourite actor in person, a fan just could not resist from taking a selfie with him. Just as when the fand was adjusting his mobile to get the proper selfie, a by-then-infuriated Sunny Deol told that fan, ‘Le na photo” and walked away. This video went viral in no time and many netizens slammed his ill temper on social media. 

(Video Courtesy: Parody account of Kaka Aramdev on 'X' (Twitter)

After that, in Ranveer Allahbadia's podcast, Sunny Deol did clarify about the airport selfie incident. He said that, Ranveer Allahbadia's podcast, “Sometimes what happens is that I am constantly running around. I also got a catch in my back recently, but still, I am at it and I have to go along with it. So many times, it has happened that I am in pain but still have to keep moving. A lot of times, even when it (selfie) is done, they don’t move away”. He also added that he had not done something wrong.

John Abraham
John Abraham is always referred to as a ‘coconut’, as he is tough on the outside and soft from inside. One always sees the tough side on screen while he bashes up the bad guys. But, looking back, one could say that John Abraham had shown his tough side off screen as well quite a few times, when fans had requested him for a selfie, on different occasions.

(Video Courtesy: Youtube account of Bollywood Bai)

Salman Khan
The ‘Dabangg’ Khan too was in the news for his ‘ride behaviour’ with a fan who was seeking a selfie with him. The incident had reportedly happened at Goa airport when Salman Khan was proceeding to his destination. Just as when Salman Khan was walking briskly with his bodyguards, there was one fan who kept on walking ahead of him! Seeing that, Salman Khan held the fan’s hand and shook the phone from his hand and proceeded ahead!

(Video Courtesy: Youtube account of The Tribune)

Hrithik Roshan
This incident had happened last year when Hrithik was standing near his car and was ensuring the safety of his two children as they were getting inside the car. A video which went viral of this incident, saw a fan breaking Hrithik Roshan’s security and was seen forcefully clicking a selfie with the ‘Fighter’ star. Before boarding the car, Hrithik Roshan asked the fan, “Kya kar raha hai” (What are you doing?)

(Video Courtesy: Instagram account of Sneh Zala) 

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