From Sirius Black to Molly Weasley: Soulful parental figures in the Harry Potter Universe
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From Sirius Black to Molly Weasley: Soulful parental figures in the Harry Potter Universe

Here’s a list of the heart-warming characters from the Harry Potter series who would go to any extent to protect you

Raktim Das
Jul 14, 2021
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Guardian characters of Harry Potter

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter is a franchise that immortalised the world of magic in our hearts. It liberated our imagination to dream of a universe where wizards, dragons, potions and charms are a reality; where we must strive to stop the evil forces from overpowering the good. The franchise, which completed 20 years this month, also gave us some memorable characters, each having their unique flavours and abilities, etched into our memories forever.

OTTplay presents to you some of the most significant parent-like characters in the Harry Potter Universe, that would warm your hearts with their love, care and goodness.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

A beacon of wisdom and the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Professor Dumbledore is the guiding force in Harry’s life, someone who would go to any extent to save and protect him in the direst of situations. The two share an unwavering allegiance to each other, with Harry considering Dumbledore as his idol. Although his process is deemed to be questionable by many, he never wants anything but good for the young wizard and prepares Harry for his battle with Voldemort.

Played by: Michael Gambon, Richard Harris


Sirius Black

Harry’s godfather and the closest thing to family he has, Sirius Black is the cool uncle, understanding friend and the protector of Potter. Initially thought to be the murderer of his parents, Sirius exposes Peter Pettigrew’s secret in front of Harry, regaining his trust thereby. He considers Sirius as a mixture of father and older brother, while Sirius sees Harry as an exceptionally brave and mature individual for his age, and does not hesitate in revealing the truths to him, that many others hide. He deeply cares for Harry, and is the only person Harry felt comfortable confiding in completely. Thus, when we see him give up his life in order to save Harry, we could hardly stop ourselves from shedding our tears.

Played by: Gary Leonard Oldman


Severus Snape

Hiding in the shadows and risking all to safeguard Harry – that’s Severus Snape for you. He repeatedly keeps on putting himself in danger by acting as a double agent for Professor Dumbledore, to make sure Voldemort can never reach Harry, while maintaining a sullen exterior and cold attitude towards the boy. His unrequited love for Lily Potter is purer than pure can ever be and shines through, as he puts everything on the line to protect the last surviving memory of his Lily. Thankfully, at the end, his numerous sacrifices and affection towards Harry doesn’t go unnoticed as Harry names his youngest son ‘Albus Severus’, and informs him that his Slytherin namesake was “the bravest man I ever knew.”

Played by: Alan Rickman


Rubeus Hagrid

From his best friend to father figure and saviour – there can be no one like Rubeus Hagrid. Their journey together begins on Harry’s 11th birthday when Hagrid arrives with a misspelt cake. Big in size, but with an even bigger heart, this half-giant cares for everyone, and does all in his capacity to shield Ron, Hermione and Harry from any trouble. While the others reprimand Harry whenever he goes wrong or does something reckless, Hagrid listens to him patiently and supports him no matter what. Hagrid serves as a pillar of strength for Harry, giving him his first taste of kindness, which spreads like wildfire and helps in grooming Harry into the selfless guardian and warrior he becomes.

Played by: Robbie Coltrane


Minerva McGonagall

A Hogwarts Professor and the Housemistress for Gryffindor, Minerva McGonagall shows concern for Harry, from the time he is born. From spying on the Dursleys to always acting as a guardian to Harry in the school, Professor McGonagall protects Harry and ensures the safety of his friends whenever a danger looms over the squad. Never punishing him too severely, she is like a caring grandmother to the Boy Who Lived, and pushed him towards excellence. In fact, she is one of the primary reasons behind Harry’s selection as a Seeker for the Quidditch team, as she chooses not to punish him after his stunt with the broom, rather guides him and enforces positive steps to harness his natural talent.

Played by: Maggie Smith


Molly Weasley

The matriarch and heart of the Weasley family, Molly becomes a mother to Harry and cares for him more than her own children. She is overprotective towards Harry and considers him as a member of her own family, whether it be by allowing him to stay at the Burrow during the school holidays or fussing over the state of his health and ensuring he took additional helpings during meals. She whole-heartedly accepts Harry without any qualms, loving him like a parent and even goes to the extent of sending him Weasley jumpers and a large box of fudge or mince pies every Christmas.

Played by: Julie Walters


Remus Lupin

The cool uncle of Harry, Remus Lupin was a friend of Lily and James Potter, and also a werewolf. He had participated in the First Wizarding War along with Harry’s parents and was a close companion of theirs. He returns to Hogwarts to become the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, and immediately recognizes Harry, not by his scar rather from his eyes that are remarkably similar to his mother, Lily’s. He goes on to become a parent like figure to Potter, and is also the one who taught him his most iconic and useful spell ever: the Patronus charm. Such was their relationship that he asked Harry to be his child Teddy’s godfather, who has a major influence on the young boy after Lupin’s death in the Second Wizarding War.

Played by: David Thewlis


Arthur Weasley

The father of the Weasley siblings, Arthur is the perfect fit to the overprotective nature of his wife, Molly. Considering Harry like his own son, he fights alongside him in the Second Wizarding War and even protects him from the vicious Nagini, when she attacks Potter in the Department of Mysteries before Christmas of 1995. He believes in the potential of Harry, and decides to share secrets with him against the opinion of others, like when Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban.

Played by: Mark Williams

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