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Home»News»From Spider-Man: Freshman Year to X-Men '97; know about all the upcoming animation titles in the MCU»

From Spider-Man: Freshman Year to X-Men '97; know about all the upcoming animation titles in the MCU

It was also announced that Spider-Man: Sophomore Year is also in the making.

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Last Updated: 05.05 AM, Jul 23, 2022

From Spider-Man: Freshman Year to X-Men '97; know about all the upcoming animation titles in the MCU
Spider-Man: Freshman Year; X-Men '97

Once again in full swing, San Diego Comic-Con can only mean one thing: a slew of Marvel-related announcements! Brad Winderbaum, Marvel Studios' head of streaming television and animation; Ryan Meinerding, head of visual development; Bryan Andrews, director of What If...? and executive producer of Marvel Zombies; AC Bradley, writer and executive producer of What If...?; Beau DeMayo, writer and executive producer of X-Men '97; and Kirsten Lepore, writer, director, and executive producer of I Am Groot, were all introduced by moderator Paul F. Tompkins during Friday's Marvel Studios presentation.

Are you curious about the upcoming animation in the MCU? The Marvel Studios Animation Panel's discussion topics, announcements, and surprises are listed below.

I Am Groot

Follow Groot as he embarks on some new, charming exploits. Beginning on August 10 only on Disney+, a series of original short films chronicling Baby Groot's glory years as he grows up and gets into mischief among the stars will debut. Do you still desire more? The panel said that I Am Groot Season 2 will be released soon.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year

With Spider-Man: Freshman Year, which will be released in 2024, more Spider-Man is swimming this way. Naturally, the animated series starts with Peter Parker's first year of high school and follows him on his journey to becoming Spider-Man in the MCU. The journey Peter takes in the series will be unlike anything we've ever seen, and it will be done in a way that honours the character's early comic book roots. In addition, Tompkins is scheduled to voice a part in the how. Trammell teased the show with the ensemble of characters, while Meinerding displayed the new Spider-Man outfit built for the series.

However, there is yet more Spidey to come. During the panel, it was revealed that Spider-Man: Sophomore Year will also allow fans to see Peter's sophomore year.

What if...? Season 2

In 2023, the second season of Marvel Studios' original animated series will premiere, reuniting fans with The Watcher. Those who were present were given an early preview of the first brand-new episode! What If...? will also come back for Season 3 because there will always be fresh realities and issues to examine.

Marvel Zombies

Taking off from a What If...? season 1 episode? Along with displaying concept art for the future show, Andrews also discussed the history of the series.

X-Men ‘97

Do you recognise that annoying earworm? It can only imply that the X-Men are returning and will premiere on Disney+ in the fall of 2023. With well-known characters including Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Gambit, Magneto, and more, the animated series will explore fresh narratives inside the famous 90s timeframe of the original series. While DeMayo revealed concept drawings for the next episodes, Winderbaum mused on the history (and affection) of the nostalgic series.

Additionally, the more X-Men, the better. The second season of X-Men '97 has been confirmed!

The Disney+ version of the original X-Men: The Animated Series has been updated to reflect the original plot order, which is some fantastic news post-panel.