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Ganesh on being ‘typecast’: Trying different genres made me happy as an actor, but did not work with audiences

For a while, audiences have been pointing out that Golden Star Ganesh is stuck in a rut as far as roles go

Ganesh on being ‘typecast’: Trying different genres made me happy as an actor, but did not work with audiences

Last Updated: 02.07 PM, Sep 26, 2023


Golden Star Ganesh’s strong suit has always been comedy, romance and emotional drama. The actor’s unique capability to make audiences laugh and cry (with him) is his trademark, one that cinephiles now reckon has turned into a bane for him, what with filmmakers only getting him to do such kind of roles. For quite a while, the routine comments one sees on social media every time a Ganesh film comes out is that the actor has been stuck in a rut and needs to step out of this comfort zone. And yet, every time he has tried to do something different and reinvent himself, it has not worked at the box office, forcing him back to the tried and tested.


Ganesh’s next is Baanadariyalli, a film that sees him reunite with Preetham Gubbi, and, which, going by the trailer, seems to play on his ‘strength’ yet again. In the trailer, Ganesh is heard saying that losing love is tough, but that losing the girl of your dreams is worse, hinting that Baanadariyalli will be a very emotional love story. Talking about being typecast as an actor in a recent interview, Ganesh said that as an actor, it gave him immense satisfaction trying some experimental cinema, but these efforts did not pay off at the box office.

His goal right now, he says, is to strike a balance between experimenting with roles and then following that up with family dramas that do well, and have him in roles that audiences want from him. Yet at the same time, there are roles that he consciously avoids repeating, like, for instance, playing cop. Cop thrillers is a genre he wants to return to only every few years. In the meantime, his immediate target, he says, is to be able to do different characters that work at the box office. In Baanadaariyalli too, Ganesh says that he has tried something different, playing a cricketer in a film about love.

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