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Garadi actor Yashas Surya on Challenging Star Darshan: 'He's the only reason I landed this role'

Yashas Surya talks to OTTplay about how Challenging Star Darshan has stood by him all along, including at the time when he was up for his first major lead role.

Garadi actor Yashas Surya on Challenging Star Darshan: 'He's the only reason I landed this role'
Yashas Surya on Darshan Thoogudeepa

Last Updated: 04.18 PM, Nov 07, 2023


Yashas Surya believes the underdog tale of his character in Garadi resonates so much with his journey as an actor that it's almost uncanny. Having begun the journey almost 15 years ago, Yashas has had to endure the traditional setbacks of a 'struggler' through the years, as he tried to make the best of whatever came his way. He would be seen in lead roles in a few films and also play important characters in big productions but none of them earned him the rewards that he felt he was due.

"There's time for every good thing to happen to you and I suppose it's slowly coming together now. All the roles I have played have credibility but they did not reach the audiences for some reason. But I would like to believe that with all the big names involved in this film (Garadi), it will have the reach that I have been looking for all along," says Yashas Surya.


Of course, one major name in the making of the upcoming sports drama is the Challenging Star himself, whom Yashas holds in extremely high regard. "The only reason I landed this role is because Darshan sir referred me to Yogaraj Bhat sir. And he didn't just refer me but also offered to make a special appearance in the film so that I get the opportunity. It so happened that BC Patil was on the lookout for a new face for a film that he was producing with Bhat sir and when he met Darshan sir, this topic would come up and my name would be put forward. Darshan sir, in fact, put his foot down and said that he would only be part of the film if I was cast in the lead role," reveals the actor.

Interestingly, some of the aforementioned big productions that Yashas Surya has been part of are headlined by the Challenging Star, including hit films like 'Chingari', 'Chakravarthy' and the period epic 'Kurukshetra'. Having developed a bond over the years, the superstar is said to have rallied for Surya and stood by him in every way possible, even vouching for his talent from time to time.

"He is like God to me. I am not related to him but just a friend and still, he would stick his neck out for me at every important stage, including those times when I was really struggling. That's a big thing. I am not sure whether he saw some spark in me or spotted some kind of talent but he has showered a lot of love on me," adds Surya.

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With Garadi, which releases in theatres on November 10th, Yashas Surya would certainly hope that both his own hard work and the external support he has received would pay rich dividends. It helps that he is in the company of noteworthy names and the fact that he leads a story that appears to be highly engaging and relatable. Garadi also stars Sonal Monteiro, BC Patil, P. Ravishankar, Dharmanna Kadur, Sujay Belur and others.

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