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Gaslight ending explained - Does the narrative lean more towards supernatural powers or criminal elements? Find out here…

Starring Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, Chitrangada Singh and Shataf Figar, Gaslight is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar 

Gaslight ending explained - Does the narrative lean more towards supernatural powers or criminal elements? Find out here…


Last Updated: 08.45 PM, May 30, 2024


Director Pavan Kirpalani, who has a keen eye for exploring human psychology, returned with another chilling suspense drama, Gaslight. His past works like Ragini MMS (2011), Phobia (2014), Bhoot Police (2021) have taken us on the journey into the depths of fear. This time Kirpalani brings out the best out of Sara Ali Khan, who marked her debut into mystery-thriller genre with this movie. While Gaslight’s surface explores the complexities of mental health, one can't help but suspect more sinister things lurking beneath the main plot. 

Gaslight plot

The classic tale of the movie takes a different turn from the beginning to the end. It shows a young woman named Meesha, returns to her hometown after decades just to figure out that her father, Maharaja Ratan Singh Gaiwad, has mysteriously vanished. Now she must delve deeper into her family's history by staying in her ancestral palace. As she begins to search for her estranged father, she stumbles upon a shocking secret that throws her into a maze, and forces her to question everything she thought she knew. 


How does Gaslight end?

The makers have successfully kept the viewers believing that Gaslight is a pure horror movie with various supernatural activities. The very few minutes of the climax reveals that it's actually a murder mystery, and every supernatural activity is being made up by the killer. Another twist which the climax reveals is that Sara Ali Khan is not actually the real Meesha, the daughter of Ratan Singh. Rather she used to be her childhood friend Fatima, who came back to the ancestral palace acting as Meesha, in search of the truth, after Ratan Singh fails to meet the real Meesha, and for that she commits suicide. 

Why Gaslight has failed to capture massive attention?

The movie contains a very common and absolutely predictable narrative. The only part that elevated the movie into gaining a little bit of attention is due to its one-by-one surprising twists at the very end. However, the execution of the twists seems rushed. But we must say, it did manage to keep the viewers hooked till the end. 

The most loved part about Gaslight is Vikrant Massey’s performance as the villain. Despite getting a chance to work in a thriller genre, Sara Ali Khan’s portrayal lacked nuance. Her constant same way of talking and the lack of variety expressions become monotonous. On the other hand, Chitrangada Singh delivered a competent performance. 

What does Gaslight signify?

The movie lunges viewers into a heart-pounding spiral of manipulation, triggering one’s hidden motives, Gaslighting, and betrayal. A daughter’s search for her father becomes a descent into a web of manipulation and betrayal. The movie highlights the mental struggle and psychological torment we experience when we discover deceit from our loved ones or the people whom we trusted the most. Gaslight delivers a chilling exploration of deception and the enduring fight for the truth most of us might be doing in our daily lives.

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