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Gaurav Khanna aka Anupamaa's Anuj Kapadia: Maan ki Shaadi is a fantastic underlying message

Gaurav Khanna called his character the Prince Charming in Anupamaa's (Rupali Ganguly) life.

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 01.02 PM, Apr 13, 2022

Gaurav Khanna aka Anupamaa's Anuj Kapadia: Maan ki Shaadi is a fantastic underlying message

In Anupamaa, Gaurav Khanna's character, Anuj Kapadia, has been touted as a game-changer. The character paired opposite Rupali Ganguly's titular role has received a lot of affection. With the wedding between Anupamaa and Anuj around the corner, fans can't contain their excitement to know the future of the hit onscreen couple.

During an interaction with TellyChakkar, when Khanna was asked about his journey as Anuj so far, the actor said that God has been gracious; this is something no one could have predicted, not even the director, the network, or the performers. He had given it his all, went in with the same amount of focus, but he believed the stars were aligned and that the character was the need of the hour, that the protagonist's journey in the show had so many people connected with her, and that when the character was suffering to bring a prince charming into Anupamaa's life, it was the need of the hour, and that the producer had hit the nail on the head.

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On being quizzed if he had any similarities to Anuj, who was being called an ideal man, Khanna said that this character appealed to him since it had characteristics that were strikingly comparable to his nature. Anuj is a dream man, a fantasy character, which he believes is really difficult for actual people to be since it is a prince charming character and their situations are very different. 

Life would be different if one took a character from a storybook and put him in a real-life situation. Khanna called Anuj an ambitious persona who is here to inspire. Thus, the backdrop has been reality versus hope.

The actor further said that Anuj has been an incredible character to learn from; he is not sure how a four-year-old as well as an 85-year-old can like Anuj, but it's truly gratifying and a blessing from above. Khanna has created characters for specific audiences, and he considers Anuj to be a blessing in that he is well-liked by everyone.

#MaAnKiShaadi is approaching, and Anupamaa has always been known for highlighting societal issues. Talking about how exciting it is for Khanna to depict that track, the actor shared that when he is at home, he is with the viewers and also watching the show as a viewer. Anuj Kapadia, his character, has a very subtle manner of expressing an idea. As an actor, Khanna believes that the lines and conversations that they offer him stick with him for a few hours or days. The character stays with the viewer, and that is how Anuj's appeal works; everyone loves and relates to him, regardless of age.

Anuj further revealed that many people ask him how someone can love someone for 26 years. He usually tells them that hope has no end, that it is supposed to be the best, and that whenever hope is involved, it has to be the greatest. Social messages have always been addressed realistically and amusingly. The basic theme of Maan ki Shaadi is that one can be happy in their life. Khanna is not sure what will happen next, but he's confident that it is a very excellent message to send out; they see people reacting in a variety of ways, and Anupamaa's role answers all of the issues.