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Golden Globes 2024- Christopher Nolan finally wins a Golden Globe for Oppenheimer after six nominations over the years

Golden Globes 2024 finally gave Christopher Nolan his due credit, by honoring him with the Best Director Motion Picture award, for his phenomenal vision and direction in Oppenheimer.

Golden Globes 2024- Christopher Nolan finally wins a Golden Globe for Oppenheimer after six nominations over the years
Christopher Nolan

Last Updated: 09.50 AM, Jan 08, 2024


The Golden Globes 2024 saw six-time nominee Christopher Nolan score his first Golden Globe, by nabbing the Best Director, Motion Picture award for Oppenheimer. Presented by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the category saw stiff competition from several deserving directors.

Other than Nolan and his Oppenheimer, the other contenders of the award were Bradley Cooper for Maestro, Greta Gerwig for Barbie, Yorgos Lanthimos for Poor Things, Martine Scorsese for Killers of the Flower Moon, and Celine Song for Past Lives.

A serious, mildly taken aback Nolan went to the stage and confessed to a bemusing yet ironic fact, he has always been on that stage, receiving awards for others in their stead. And each time he had to give a speech; Robert Downey Junior gave him the support he needed by making a sad, comforting face.

As the camera panned to a laughing Robert Downey J, Nolan continued by crediting the award to his two partners-in-crime, Robert, and Cillian Murphy, as they have had his back for years. He did not forget Florence Pugh and Emily Blunt and thanked them for their exceptional performances. The renowned filmmaker was aware that home is where the heart must return to, after its passion of making Cinema, so he did not forget to mention and thank his partner, Emma.

Oppenheimer has broken multiple records upon release, due to its potent premise concerning the Father of the Atomic Bomb, Robert Oppenheimer and his role in making atomic bombs a reality, albeit ignorant of the true extent of its devastation and impact.

Made on a $100 million budget, the film grossed over $954 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing movie about the Second World War, as well as the highest grossing biopic ever made. Oppenheimer is available to stream on Prime Video by renting it. As for the Golden Globes 2024, it can be streamed on Lionsgate Play and OTTplay premium January 8, 2024, onwards.

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