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Gora: What makes Ritwick Chakraborty’s upcoming detective web series different from Byomkesh, Eken Babu
Shaheen Irani
Jan 06, 2022
cover image
Gora - Ritwick Chakraborty.

Ritwick Chakraborty’s detective web series Gora is slated for release on January 7 on Hoichoi. The show happens to be a yet-another detective series which is set to give competition to the much-popular Byomkesh and Eken Babu. However, Gora is pretty different from the two detective web series, the hints of which are hidden in the trailer of the series.

While Byomkesh is a more popular example of a detective from Bengal, Eken Babu has a local flavour to him and is equally loved among the Bengalis. In such an environment, Gora is set to make his entry.

Here’s everything that sets him apart and yet, makes him as iconic…

- He is forgetful

Both Byomkesh and Eken Babu are smart. Byomkesh is extremely smart in the sense that he has sharp senses which make him an extremely good detective. Eken Babu, too, has his own quirky way of solving cases. However, Gora cannot even remember the cases he has solved. Does this make him unreliable? Definitely not, for he has solved complicated cases.

- He cannot stand women

Byomkesh (Anirban Bhattacharya) met his wife in the first season of the show. Similarly, Eken Babu cannot stop loving and talking about his wife. Gora is very different from them in the sense that he cannot stand women. He gets very scared when a female tries to get close or intimate with him. This is the exact opposite of both Byomkesh and Eken Babu.

- He doesn’t take cases instantly

It takes a lot for Gora to want to take on cases. He is very laidback in his approach to life and feels that he doesn’t have the need to get involved with every case. Again, that is not the attitude with which Byomkesh and Eken Babu work. Byomkesh takes on cases as they come to him and goes about them passionately. Same is the case with Eken Babu.

- He takes life very casually

Like we mentioned previously, Gora is not someone who takes life too seriously. He wants to lead a peaceful life with a liquor bottle by his side. He does not care about the world unless he really feels like it. Byomkesh and Eken Babu, on the other hand, are very sensitive towards their own people, even if they might not show it all the time.

- The female lead is the suspect

This time around, Ishaa Saha, who plays the female lead in Gora, is the suspect. She is seen sleepwalking with a knife, which is pretty dangerous around a crime scenario. Both the female leads in Byomkesh and Eken Babu, on the other hand, were barely ever the lead suspects and eventually, they marry the detective.

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