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Guddi, Baliojhor, Gatchhora to take backseat as new serials come forward

Is it the end of Balijhor?

Guddi, Baliojhor, Gatchhora to take backseat as new serials come forward
Koushik. Trina, Indrasish
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 08.39 PM, Apr 08, 2023

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It is that time of the year when old serials have to be replaced by new ones. It is the rule of the world. Star Jalsa is bringing several changes soon. Ramprasad will start on April 17 at 6 pm at the slot of Balijhar. This is the comeback mega for Sabyasachi Choudhury. When shall we watch Balijhar then? 

There are reportedly two possibilities. One source says that Jhora-Maharghya's slot will come at 5.30 PM. Guddi's journey is surely ending, and its place will be taken by Balijhar. But another source says that the serial might just stop altogether. Balijhar started in February, and it might come to an end within just two months. This mega, featuring Trina Saha, Koushik Roy, and Indrasish Roy, could not make its place in the TRP battle. Hence the channel is not happy at all. 

After Ramprasad's slot is announced, fans of Khori and Riddhi are relieved that Gatchhora is not ending. However, it is heard that Syed Arefin and Dipanwita Rakshit, i.e. Shantu Gunda and Khukumoni, are pairing up soon in a serial produced by Acropolis Entertainment. Many people think that Gatchora will end after this serial comes out in May. However, neither the channel nor the production house confirmed anything. SVF is also being heard to come with new shows on Jalsa. It is reported that a known pair will appear in the mega, and a look set is also done. 

There is an ebbing phase in television due to the IPL. Hence no new mega will start after Ramprasad. BUt the IPL is ending at the end of May. Big changes may happen in television from May 29.