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Gudi Padwa 2023: I love wearing a ‘nauvaari’ as it looks so beautiful on any woman, says Sneha Wagh

Right now, the actress is enjoying her moment under the sun in her role of Amba Mehra in the extremely popular serial ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho'

Gudi Padwa 2023: I love wearing a ‘nauvaari’ as it looks so beautiful on any woman, says Sneha Wagh
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Last Updated: 07.12 PM, Mar 22, 2023


After having exhibited her acting prowess in serials like 'Jyoti', 'Veera', and 'Chandrashekhar', Sneha Wagh went onto be a contestant in the Marathi ‘Bigg Boss’ reality show. Right now, she is enjoying her moment under the sun in her role of Amba Mehra in the extremely popular serial ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’. OTTplay caught up with Sneha Wagh for an exclusive interview on the occasion of ‘Gudi Padwa’ to know about the significance of the festival in her life amongst other things.

What does the festival ‘Gudi Padwa’ mean to you?
Gudi Padwa holds a lot of importance for me. Moreover, since I am a Maharashtrian, ‘Padwa’ is like the beginning of the year according to the Hindu calendar. Since I am brought up in a traditional family whose are grounded to their roots, ‘Padwa’ holds a lot of importance in my life. Also, I really relish the food and delicacies. And, how can I forget to mention the process of decorating the house!

What special food will you be making for the occasion?
Shrikhand, puri bhaji and the traditional meal will be cooking on the occasion of ‘Padwa’. We also raise the ‘Gudi’ at home.

Can you tell us the significance of Gudi Padwa in your life?
According to me, this is the time when the universe was created by Brahmaji. Hence, we celebrate ‘Padva’ when it's the first Paksh after the New Moon rises. There is a saying that, on this day, the Creator of the universe created it. And, hence… from today’s day and date, the era and time started.

Can you share a nostalgic memory which is associated with the occasion of Gudi Padwa?
Gudi Padwa, being the Maharashtrian New Year, is certainly an important occasion for the people of Maharashtra. I spent my childhood in the southern part of Mumbai and I remember as I watched the ‘Shobha Yatra’ sitting on my father's shoulders popping popcorn and ‘batashes’. The sound of the dhol playing on the streets during the procession was and still is an integral part of the festive atmosphere during Gudi Padwa. It adds to the excitement and joy of the occasion. It's heart-warming for me to still cherish these memories and that they evoke a sense of nostalgia in me. These experiences have left a lasting impression on me and continue to hold a special place in my heart.

Do you follow all the traditional rituals?
In the morning, we gather for pooja and other rituals for ‘Gudi Padwa’. Then, we raise the ‘Gudi’. For the unversed, ‘Gudi’ is like a flag and it looks really beautiful with all the parts assembled. I adored the way my grandmother would decorate the ‘Gudi’ with flower garlands and stick ‘batashe’ (sweet dish) on it.

Since it's an extremely traditional day, can we see you wearing the traditional ‘nauvaari saree’ and other accessories like jewellery?
Well… to be honest, I love wearing a ‘nauvaari’ as it looks so beautiful on any woman. But… to carry it is a little difficult. I wear ‘nauvaari’ when it's a traditional occasion. Also I love wearing the jewellery along with it… especially the ‘nath’. I wear the ‘nath’ even with regular saris. (smiles)

Has anyone gifted you anything on ‘Gudi Padwa’ or have you gifted anything to anyone on Gudi Padwa? If yes, then what?
I don't remember exchanging gifts on ‘Gudi Padwa’.

‘Gudi Padwa’ marks auspicious beginnings. What are you planning to start on this day?
This year, I am shooting on ‘Gudi Padwa’. I consider this as an auspicious day and I'm working on the first day of the Maharashtrian New Year. What could I ask for more? It's a blessing and an honour for me already!

What do you do if you are away from your home during the festival?
If at all I am away from home during any festival, I miss my mother, my sister and of course… I miss my late father every single day. I miss being a part of any celebration of festivities. And most importantly, not to forget the home cooked traditional food if I'm away from home!

If you had to make a wish on ‘Gudi Padwa’ for you or anyone in your life, what would that be and for whom would you wish for?
This ‘Gudi Padwa’, I would like to make a special wish for my dear darling sister who has just embarked on her new career on a very good post. I hope and pray that she achieve milestones and success in her life. It makes all of us proud that she is the youngest in her post and I pray that she is the youngest member to achieve everything to bigger and greater heights.

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